Friday, November 21, 2008

12 days later...

I am siting here watching CNN and all the talking heads, and why I am, I really can't explain, except I like to yell at Wolfie B. because he is such a turnip head at times. Ever since Ted Kennedy was diagnosed with his brain tumor (Nor Brain Cancer), Wolfgang constantly calls it brain cancer. Now there is a difference, they aren't interchangeable, and I have written Wolfy a dozen times explaining the difference, but the knucklehead continues to use the wrong terminology. "Stupid is, what stupid does." I don't usually quote Forrest, but this situation deserves it. So much for venting. I think I like the background noise, sort of being like work.

Now Alex Castellanos is on, or however you spell that dirt bags name. He is a right-winged neocon propagandist, and I would just love to take him behind the wood shed, or whatever you do to dirt bags like him. Even now he is constantly trying to stir up crap, yet Wolfy keeps putting him on the "Situation Room". It's like Wolf boys' version command and control center, like his own little NORAD. Still trying to make hay out of the election with Alex's asinine comments.

Another trip down to Denver in a week and a half, on Dec 3rd, for an MRI, and to see my neurosurgeon
Kerry E. Brega, MD, (She is Associate Professor and Deputy Director of Residency Program, Co-Medical Director of Stroke Center @ University Hospital, University of Colorado Department of Neurosurgery) and she shares the clinical service at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Denver. I was down there in February 08' after an MRI I had in January 08', and then had another MRI in June, but didn't go down there for a consult because I did press the issue, as I was trying to find a place to move to, so I didn't want to set up something, and then have to cancel it. Even though my appointments are on DEC. 3rd, I fly down on Dec. 2, because I have some lab work at 9 am, then MRI at 10 am, then see my doc at 11 am. Usually I get my MRIs up here in Sheridan, at the VAMC here, but for some reason, they want me to get one down there. go figure. Too bad I couldn't have gotten frequent flyer miles from all my trips down there over the last 5 years, as I would have enough to travel around the world a few times. Only kidding, but they would have been a lot. I don't mind the flying, or the MRIs, but it is a long trip for a doctors appointment, at least by American standards. But I shouldn't complain, at least I have healthcare, something 10's of millions of Americans, and probably billions of earthlings don't have, or even have access to.

Sometime I am going to write about other interesting parts of my life, and they are too many to name right now, but the 14 months I just spent with my friend John (I am calling him John so he remains anonymous.) after I got evicted from an apartment I was living in because I complained about a broken elevator to the local newspaper. It is a long story, so for another time. Living with John was unique in so many ways, and weird in so many ways. That will be my next post, because no one will ever believe me what happened, but that really don't matter, but just writing about will help me.

Time for dinner, and maybe read some of my hundreds of e-mails I neglect! Ciao!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Day 1

I just setup this here blog, while I was watching Oklahoma St vs. Texas Tech. There are 3 seconds left in the first half, Techs winning 28 to 14, Oh the last play is incomplete, half over and...

So, now that I have that out of the way, on to the meat and potatoes. I will talk about my life, past, present and future, well, at least what I can see. As you can tell from the title, I have a brain tumor, a low-grade glioma in my left cerebellum, pons, peduncle, and medulla. It was discovered in an MRI in 2003, along with other neurological issues. I will cover this in detail sometime soon. Now, it is halftime, and I am going to fix dinner, for me and my cat Buddy. Oh, I am ecstatic that Barack won, as I am also a veteran. I'll explain that later too.

That is it for now, so Good Luck and Good Night!