Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sarah Palin's consultant on European Economic Issues forgot to tutor SP on fall of Soviet Union! But the Apologist on the right are out there rationalizing the whole affair! Idiots!

Well, the dingbat is at it again. Everytime she has to go off script (Not using a teleprompter, and speaking off the cuff, so to speak!) she makes a complete ass of herself. Always! And her paid support team is about a useful as teats on a bull. I think that is standard operating procedure for the right these days. We have Bachmann rewriting the history of slavery, we have Glennie Beckster rewriting everything he talks about history wise, with I am sure help from his mentor and Professor at Beck U., the infamous adjunct “professor,” David Barton. Barton is just a nuts as Beck, and his grasp of history is just as flawed. And on to Spud"NUT" Sarah, who makes up shit as she goes along. She really should do her Greta breaking news commentaries using a teleprompter, because she just stutters and stammers her way to serious laugh-ability!
Take a gander at this, with her interpretation of world and European history. And and rambling nonsensical rants. This lady is really nuts! But she has her cult following! (See below)

Hey, where is Dutchman Joshua Livestro? Or does he just get paid the $4000.00 a month for current European economic issues. I find it ironic that a person, Ole' SpudNut herself, who disrespects, dislikes, disparages, dishonors, and totally disses Europeans on a regular basis hires a European as a consultant. Granted it all wasn't above boards, and they tried to hide it at some obscure LLC buried in Wyoming LLC paperwork and maze. But we figured them out, right "SpudNut" Sarah?

There are the monthly payments to Joshua Livetro, the right-winged Dutchman. As discussed in previous posts, and at Mother Jones, we had discovered that Paideia Research LLC, using the Sheridan WY address was setup up to funnel money to Livestro. This setup was done by world-class LLC setter-upper David DeLoach from California. He use to be an attorney, but then life happened and he didn't pay his attorney club fees and bam, disbarred. Or so the story goes.

Here is a recent tweet that was retweeted by Livestro, so we know where his mind is:
Original tweet by   David Burge And retweeted by JoshuaLivestro
And 'Obama' is Kenyan for 'Carter.' RT @ 'Mubarak' is Egyptian for 'Shah.'

I mean it isn't horrible, but obviously the Dutchman who "SpudNut" Sarah is suppose to hate "She hates European Socialist Politics" is still fascinated by the Kenyan meme. But he has done a fabulous job with Spudnuts European Economic issues consulting, don't you think?
Hey SpudNut- How's that Europeny Economikiny Thing working out for you? Idiot!

I truly think "SpudNut" Sarah missed the point of Obama's Sputnik comment. Either she didn't understand the analogy or whatever, but it flew way over her head. Most of us who have studied international politics, and governments know that the Soviet Union's economy was not one to emulate. It had it's problems which effected it for years, if not decades. We all knew that, at least the educated grownups in the room. Yet SputNut puts up another FaceBook rant citing a source that shows her comment was correct, and she is now a Rhodes Scholar when it comes to past European Economies, but mainly the the Communist U.S.S.R. as she called them. 
The guy she references. a one Peter Schweizer,,the author of a piece that was a way to justify and rationalize what SpudNut said, also missing Obama's point about Sputnik. What do we have to do with these folks, draw them a freaking picture? But I must point out Schweizer's leanings are to the right, as some of his books are- "Do as I Say (Not as I Do): Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy" and "Reagan's War: The Epic Story of His Forty-Year Struggle and Final Triumph over Communism." So, of course his little apologist breakdown and justification of SpudNuts miss-speak was going to lean right, and to the meme he advocates. Of course Spudnut didn't mention that in her FaceBook post to her cult, because they already assume she would reference a friendly justifier and rationalizer! Pathetic, just so pathetic! Oh, before I forget, Peter and his wife, Rochelle, wrote "The Bushes: Profile of a Dynasty", which the New York Times called "the best" of the books on the Bush familyNow those are some awe inspiring books I do say. I haven't read them, but I can probably guess which way they lean, but I could be wrong. Hey, did you hear that Spudnut, I said I could be wrong! That wasn't too hard. You might want to try it sometime.

Here is part of what Schweitzer said- 
But Stromberg misses Palin’s larger and more important point about history: Sputnik was really meaningless in the larger scheme of things.  It was all hype, and it was basically used by people in Washington to advance their own political agenda. (Palin had no larger point about history because she is clueless, an idiot, and not a serious and deep thinker, as her toughest decision each day is which outfit, or which pair of shorts or sweatpants to wear, so come on Peter, you Palin apologist who thinks his chivalry will get him a piece of the cherry pie! Your an asshole Peter!) and
I think SputNut had no clue about how tying together the Sputnik as a government bureaucratic program and the Soviet's final economic demise could be accomplished. But her word salad flowed, albeit not to lucid and/or cognizant. Her comment was just part of a rant where she was stitching words together to make a sentence. Was I the only one who saw her stutter and stammer her way through the answers? All those short stop and goes where her slow brain processing and searching for words to form a sentence, and something that might sound believable. Obviously she succeeded because the apologists are all over the place on the right, rationalizing how SpudNuts brain was actually processing her thoughts. Amazing, because by her own non-verbals she appeared to be wanting out of the discussion about Sputnik and the "Communist U.S.S.R.", so she segwayed into her SpudNut Promotion, something she was more comfortable in talking about, because the word began to flow, and her grimace that made her look like she really had to go take a pee was gone!
 Now, I am going to say this just once SpudNut, Obama's analogy had to do with the American Spirit and American Exceptionalism, (Something you accuse him of not promoting, and here he is promoting it and you have to say negative stuff again. Grow-up little girl, and realize your damn beauty pageants are over, so stop trying to win the  popularity contest. Admit it, you lost.) and was meant as a motivational comment. Everyone isn't a deep-thinker like yourself, which in and of itself is sarcasm, and for once in your life can you say you might have been wrong in you comments? You were wrong about the scope-sights on politicians, you were wrong about blood libel, you were wrong in your Sputnik/Sputnut moment, and you are a fucking crazy, vindictive, lying, narcissistic, neurotic, manipulating, hateful, fearmongering bitch! Get over it. Quit trying to justifying everything you fuckup! You remind me of some people I know!
So, have you figured it out Spudnut? The object of that part of his speech was motivational in nature, and not talking about the decline of the Communist U.S.S.R.. Got it? 
No one disagrees that the Soviets eventually went bankrupt, in part because if their massive military, and yes, space spending, while their people went hungry. But the space race didn't end with the Soviets putting a satellite into space. The race ended when Americans landed on the moon. Well partially, as there were follow up objectives over the next 20+ years, like space stations (Mir) and the Soviet version of the space shuttle. It's obvious that Spudnut didn't understand her history when she spoke, and so should have come right out an apologized. Not going to happen, ever!
For all those interested in SarahPAC'S FEC Filings, here is a good site:

And as an added feature I have brought to you the reason why Palin will never make it on the national stage- Her Cult of Followers that are just as insane and irrational as her. There seems to be a common thread amongst the cult and the cult-leader, that being a glaring love for the anti-intellectual, and the educational goal of being pro anti-intelligence. The dumber the better. For them being called smart as a box of rocks is a compliment. So, without delay, and for your entertainment I introduce the members of the newly former "SpudNut Society" whose secret leader sends them secret messages through her Facebook Page! Dorothy tried to have an intelligent discussion with Joe Coelho but as you see, it was fruitless!

What is up with the Todd Palin affair thing? Is there really proof? What is Sarah going to do if this turns out to be true? I'm so worried about it if it's the could hurt her chances of getting the nomination in 2012.
January 23 at 7:57am ·  · 

    • Joe Coelho Who cares, Obama's closets can fill a football stadium and he got elected.
      January 23 at 10:46am ·  · 

    • Dorothy Adams Really? I've never heard that he was anything but faithful to Michelle...what gives??
      January 23 at 10:47am ·  · 

    • Joe Coelho Dorothy, go to google and search on Obama gay lovers.. Your going to have to start thinking for yourself I can't help you
      January 23 at 10:51am ·  · 

    • Dorothy Adams Oh, I've seen all that. Those are lies. That was like one crazy dude.
      January 23 at 10:53am ·  · 

    • Joe Coelho There is a trail of crazy dudes and crazy lies in Obama's past and present. He did have an affair with Vera Baker, which I found hard to believe as I don't think he likes woman. Hard to argue with you Dorothy if you just call everything a lie, like arguing with a Jehovah's Witness.
      January 23 at 11:02am ·  · 

    • Dorothy Adams Huh? That's really an odd response. I guess I'm concentrating on the present and the 2012 election. And I guess I think that if any of those rumors had been true, they'd have been proven during the 2008 election. Now, back to my original question...could this hurt Sarah's chances in 2012? I really want her to be the Repub. nominee!
      January 23 at 11:04am ·  · 

    • Joe Coelho No, this will have no effect as Sarah will be president in 2012 if she runs. Once the American people see Sarah and Obama debate each other, they will see who the strongest candidate is. Unlike McCain and the MSM media, Sarah will not hold back and will unmask the Teleprompter president. Without that Teleprompter Obama wont stand a chance. Sarah, is already our generation most powerful woman and she doesn't even have a title. There is a reason why the liberals, democrats and the left are so afraid of her... because she can win.
      January 23 at 11:12am ·  ·  1 person · 

    • Dorothy Adams Why do you talk about the teleprompter? Everyone uses them? Sarah uses what areas do you think Sarah is stronger than Barack?
      January 23 at 11:14am ·  · 

    • Joe Coelho The only thing Obama is better at is that he has master that teleprompter and the CHE look. Take away that Teleprompter and there is nothing there. What do you think Obama is stronger in...
      January 23 at 11:30am ·  · 

    • Dorothy Adams Hold on, I think I asked you first.
      January 23 at 11:31am ·  · 

    • Joe Coelho She is stronger in energy, leadership, better executive, knows the constitution better, more experienced business person and doesn't need to hide behind a teleprompter. She also has a birth certificate and we can see her school records, medical records and work history records. She has been vetted inside and out by the media unlike Obama.
      January 23 at 11:56am ·  · 

    • Dorothy Adams Oh no, you're not a birther are you? See, I wonder why people start in on birth certificates instead of focusing on what's important in our country.
      January 23 at 11:58am ·  · 

    • Joe Coelho
      Blame Obama for not producing his birth certificate, school and medical records for the controversy and spending millions on lawyers defended it. Calling people birthers is not going to make this go away. Did you ever stop to think what this might do to this nation if he is found ineligible. 

      As for focusing on the issues, under Obama there has been more debt, more poor people, more homeless and the highest unemployment in this countries history. We have a country that is close to bankruptcy thanks to Obama's spending spree.

      January 23 at 12:17pm ·  · 

    • Dorothy Adams But he did produce it. He did. And what medical records are you wanting? I know where he went to school and how he did. I've read and learned, not stuck my head in the sand and said "no one knows anything about him...aaauuggghhhh."
      January 23 at 12:19pm ·  · 

    • Joe Coelho
      I will give you 5000 dollars if you can show me a link/proof to his long birth certificate, his medical records, his school grades... or even copy of his passport. In a recent poll, half the population of US now wants to see his birth certificate.. 

      He is going to have to address this if he wants to get re-elected and calling people who want to see it Birthers is getting old now. States are putting in laws that candidates must show their birth certificates now.

      The online birth certificate that Obama put up was fake, the document was a copy of the short form with computer fonts that didn't exists in 1961. They quickly took it down after so many comments brought to light the fake document.

      January 23 at 12:31pm ·  · 

    • Dorothy Adams

      They took it down?

      January 23 at 1:08pm ·  · 

    • Joe Coelho They show the short form that anyone can get from Hawaii..

      You do know that is run by the left

      January 23 at 1:19pm ·  · 

    • Dorothy Adams Yes, and the long form is not available. This is acceptable to get a passport and for Obama to be a Senator. Why not President? It just feels like you're really reaching, and it makes you less believable to many people. If you want to focus on issues, fine. But birth certificates? When I looked at it, what convinced me wasn't this birth certificate but the two birth announcements in the paper from 1961. Those are pretty hard to explain if you're going with the birther theory.
      January 23 at 1:22pm ·  · 

    • Dorothy Adams And you just posted a blog. I'm to believe that blogger over
      January 23 at 1:23pm ·  · 

    • Dorothy Adams I know Joe, birth announcements in the paper are a hard thing to refute. I get it...
      January 23 at 2:30pm ·  · 

    • Joe Coelho Why is Obama spending so much to lawyers to keep his records locked... Blame Obama.. What is he hiding.. I will take any blog over factcheck the liberal website
      January 23 at 7:52pm ·  · 

    • Dorothy Adams But what about birth announcements from 1961?
      January 23 at 7:53pm ·  · 

    • Joe Coelho

      Maybe the above can shed some light... Obama can make it all go away by producing the papers.

      January 23 at 8:20pm ·  · 

    • Joe Coelho

      Read about this great woman

      January 23 at 8:33pm ·  ·