Sunday, February 8, 2009

Treason? Maybe!

What has been going on in Congress the last few weeks by the Republican minority is down right treason and perfidy. They do not hold the interests of the American people as a high priority. Their attempts to solidify their new image as the party of small government, less spending and tax cuts has been echoed across the TV box, Internet, and every format possible. And then I thought, wait a second, maybe they have stopped taking their medication for their mental illness, that being Narcissistic Ego-Maniacal Bi-Personality Disorder, or NEMBO. Some of the symptoms are thinking you are Dean Martin, and maintaining a constant tan, drink Martinis (Or whatever the drink du juor is.) and smoking cigarettes with those long filters. One also has a diminished sense of reality, and view everything from their psychotic alternate universe. And what is black is white, and vice-a-versa. They are also compulsive liars, and seek attention while discussing their lies and misinformation, (i.e.-FOX News, MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS and on and on.) and the MSM obliges them, and never questions their misinformation. Hallucinations are quite common, as are feelings of grandeur. There are many, many more, and they will be completing a new separate edition of DSM-VIIEX (EX- Extended Addition) to just cover this particular mental illness.

Congressman Boehner has been one of many in the lead, with statements ranging from, when he manipulated it to his advantage, a minor provision that would expand Medicaid family-planning services, and called it a plan to “spend hundreds of millions of dollars on contraceptives.” (It is very depressing that Johnny's egg and sperm donors were not afforded the option of using contraceptives prior to them meeting up.) Or when he exclaimed, "Oh my God" in reference to the size of the stimulus plan. The quotes and comments from the right are far to many to list here, but they all had the same goals. They wanted to rile up their base with misinformation, focus on small parts of the plan, making them out to be what the whole plan is about, cry about government spending contrary to what they have done over the last few decades, starting with Reagan, and his massive defense spending. And again, they claimed the panacea of their tax-cut agenda, and how that will be the be all and end all of all our problems, again contrary to the history of this tax-cut philosophy. And they were prepared with a massive PR campaign, filling the air-waves with their ignorance and propaganda. And yet, they acted like they were dumber then a box of rocks when it came to them trying to understand that spending on many of the projects and programs that they cherry-picked and accused as waste, could create jobs. I just scratched my head (It is kind of raw and tender now.) every time I heard them say they couldn't understand how such and such was stimulus. I was and am baffled to no end. I thought, they really can't be that dumb, could they? Then I remembered who they were playing to, their un and under-educated base.

These wingnuts are holding the country hostage, and it needs to end now. All their arguments are of a strawman nature, and their huffing and puffing will only cause oxygen loss to our country, and the well-being of millions and millions of Americans. I understand that the Stimulus Plan is not the end all, and be all for our economy recovering, and that there are many, many factors that need to be addressed. But we have to start somewhere, and do this fast.

Our country is like a heart attack patient, laying on the operating table, who also has suffered a serious, life-threatening wound to his/her femoral artery, and the docs are trying to figure out what to do. There is one group (Group 1) who are trying to not only stop the bleeding, but also jolting the heart back to life. Then there is this other group (Group 2, AKA-McConnell, McCain, McHamburglar, etc, etc.) of docs who figure they can put a band-aid on the leg wound, and have one of there own take the 2 "AA" batteries out of his Walkman, (And he is a little pissed that he has to do that, because he was right in the middle of listening to a song from the Wizard of Oz that talks about, "If I only had a Brain...") and just places them on the operating table. That's it. Not the best plan that I can see. The docs in Group 1 have also hooked up an IV, transfusing blood back into our patient, along with all the monitoring machines. They have all the associated specialist standing by, brain-storming, discussing the next possible steps, like by-pass surgery, rehab, diet changes for the patient, monitoring cholesterol, and all the options for a recovery program. Group 2 keeps telling the first group that their plan will work because one of their members is the sole surviving member of Heaven's Gate, a Church that is an American UFO religion and formerly led by Marshall Applewhite. And this doc still believes, as do his co-horts in the theory of Intelligent Design and travel to other dimensions (i.e.- hallucinations). And that is what they are basing their medical decisions on! Oh boy, are we in trouble.

While this is all happening, the docs in Group 1 are willing to do whatever it takes to get it done, and Group 2 is obstructing them at every turn. I think now is the time to get them out of the operating room, and quickly. But Group 1 decides they can negotiate with these noodle heads, and in the process threatening the life of the patient on the table. But all Group 2 is doing is running around the hospital, and community yelling that Group 1 doesn't want to listen to their hair-brained ideas. Tantrums and fits are the order of the day, and they are scaring the community, and the docs in Group 1, and they are now second guessing their decisions. Oh my, oh my, are we in a conundrum or what? So, what would you do? And we can't forget the Hippocratic Oath, and to do no harm! Oops, group 2 forgot about the damn oath, but then again, I don't think they ever took it.

I am now back to treason. I know that is a harsh work, but just look at the facts. Treason can be defined as adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. Well the enemies are depression, economic collapse, homelessness, personal disaster, both of a financial and personal nature, and are also affecting our country's and our individual mental health. By doing what they are doing, the "New Image" Republican Party are committing treason, along with the betrayal of any trust or confidence, and treachery toward our country. Shame on them.

I believe part of the underlying issues for the Republicans is that the W.A.S.P.'s can not stomach the fact that we have an African-American as President, and they now feel threatened, particularly their "White Manliness" because of that. They are now insignificant men who have ruled their way for centuries, and no black man is going to tell them what to do. A sublime racism, but racism none the less. I know this sounds a bit extreme, but just look at it from their perspective.

Racism is alive and well in America, although some of us are in denial about it. Some thought, from a black and white perspective, that once Obama was elected, that racism will no longer exist. And some have gone so far as to fight to have voting right legislation done away with in the south. We also can't forget McCain's comment (Along with the many other racist comments over the last couple of years.) during the debate when he referred to Obama as, "That One", code for I'm superior to "that one", and his kind should be mopping the floor, or cleaning the toilets, not on stage with me, the Mighty W.A.S.P.! So, nothing changes if nothing changes, and these white men are angry, tantrum throwing, fit tossing, insignificant ingrates. And they will stop at nothing when it comes to them trying to get their way. Now is the time to talk about the "nuclear option"!

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