Thursday, May 13, 2010

Senator John Barrasso has shown his hand on Kagan!

Yes, Johnny has shown his hand, and it isn't pretty! He doesn't even have a pair of 2's, or any pair for that matter. He should just fold, and go back into his man-cave, and leave the important things to us thinking people!

Oh yes, Johnny Barrasso is at it again.

Why is it that everytime he opens his mouth he shows the world how ignorant he really is about politics? Why John, WHY? Because that is what Johnny does, as he is a talking-point sock-puppet for the right. Yes, Barrasso has Right-winged Talking Points Tourette's, or RTPT. Just watch his 72 videos on YouTube, but do it on an empty stomach, as getting nauseated on a full stomach is not a good idea. Johnny just loves to be on TV, part of his illness!

Now, constitutional scholar Johnny B. said this bit of vetting wisdom, “In light of the recently passed health-care legislation, I look forward to speaking with Ms. Kagan about the constitutionality of the new health insurance mandate. Her response will shine a light on her fundamental judicial interpretation of the Constitution.” Umm... Sounds a little like he wants Kagan to tell him how she would rule on the mandate, doesn't it?

Now, as a nominee for the Supreme Court vacancy, a nominee really can not discuss an issue, like the healthcare legislation or health insurance mandate in the new law, because there is the possibility that it may come before the Supreme Court in the future, a Supreme Court in which she may be an Associate Justice. Just like previous Justices during their vetting and confirmation hearings. Sure, she can talk in judicial abstracts and philosophies, but she is not going to talk to you about the constitutionally of the health insurance mandate, or any other specific piece of legislation. I think that he thinks that just because he is a doctor, he is the unconfirmed and absolute expert on all healthcare issues and legislation. I don't think so. He has a Chief of Staff, Shawn Whitman who might inform him of the little peculiarities about this vetting process of a nominee for the Supreme Court, and the nomination process. Just a thought. But, who knows Mr. Whitman's bona fides? He has been a Chief of Staff for a Wyoming Senator (He was Chief of Staff for Craig Thomas before he was Barrasso's.) since October 1, 2003, so he seems to have some experience with previous Supreme Court nominees. Maybe he just forgot to tell know-it-all Johnny?

These types of comments that Johnny blurbs out validate my opinion that he is an extremely ignorant Senator, particularly about the law, politics, public policy, proper vetting of possible Supreme Court Justices, etc. How he got to be our Senator just baffles me. Did he have something on those who originally chose him? Initially that is? Or all the people who actually voted for him? Sure he may be smart when it comes to doctoring, as he did go to Georgetown University, but still? The man hasn't a lick of commonsense.

Here he is talking about free speech, and Bill Ayers, and other things.

Remember, there was no uproar on the right when the University of Wyoming named a building after Dick Cheney, just because he donated millions from the blood money he got from Halliburton. Go figure! And let's not forget Wyoming State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jim McBride said in 3 different e-mails that Ayers’ visit could possibly cost the university “millions” from their big money donors. So, I guess in Wyoming, getting money from politically powerful moneyed right-winged elites trumps free speech at a "Public University". What a warped sense of reality, and the Constitution these fools have.

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