Saturday, October 6, 2012

Our 1st real snow accumulations- October 5th and 6th, 2012

October 5th and 6th, 2012
Some Pics for you of our 1st real accumulated snow & other needful things.
Last night when the snow was snowing like snowing snow usually does- October 5th Evening, around 9pm, 2012!
This was early this morning around 7:30am, before the sun rose upon us. It was just starting to peer over the hills to the east.
Looking to the north-northeast. That field about 1/3 from the right in the middle is where the YMCA is, and the long building on the hill/top in the sun is the Jr. High School, formerly our High School until they built the new HS over a decade ago.
Buddy checking out the snow, wishing he could be making lil' Kitty Snow Angels.
Buddy practicing making "Kitty Snow Angels" for whenever he gets to, and wants to, using his harness which he hates, to go outside.
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Anonymous said...

Woke up to about 1/2 inch out here on the CO Plains. It's melted now, but have another push coming in this afternoon. May get 4-8" up in the NE corner. Yup, summer is officially done now. It's the cold I hate. It's just now up to 32, but we had 23 last night. Got the garden picked yesterday! Never got above 38 Friday. It was 80 before the debate and 53 after. Been going downhill ever since. The candidates have been hitting CO real heavy. Need big spaces for the Obama crowds. Street corner will do for Mit. Guess they will be heading south now.