Friday, November 23, 2012

"7 Yellowstone Wolves Killed Because of Wyoming Ill-Conceived Wolf Management Plan!"

Dear Family and Friends,
The wolf slaughter has begun in Wyoming, and it has been swift and deadly. After almost 2 decades of re-introducing wolves back to their native habitat, and millions of dollars, along with tens, and tens of thousands of man-hours by people working toward this end, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho were given the wolf management by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, per an agreement signed years ago, and all to the detriment of the wolves. The rancher/outfitter lobby has won again with exaggerated claims, along with lies, misinformation and myths, and the work of those dedicated to wolf re-introduction will be all for naught if we don't take a stand and stop this senseless slaughter. (Macho-male self gratification achieved by slaughtering 4-legged creatures that are important and necessary of our eco-systems makes it a senseless slaughter.)
Join the cause or otherwise years down the road you'll be the one saying, "Wow, how did all our wildlife become extinct? What could I have done?"
OK, time for the action part---read the post below, and take action NOW, before it is too late!
Thank you very much, from me and the wolves!


War on Wolves

Tell the governors of Montana and Wyoming to immediately halt the shooting of Yellowstone's wolves


Photo Credit: © USFWS
At least five radio-collared wolves have been shot along the park boundary. It's a huge setback for wolf research.


Tell Wyoming and Montana: Hands off Yellowstone wolves!

Dear Family and Friends,

We didn't think the situation in Wyoming (or Montana) could get any worse -- but it just did.

Last week, it was discovered that at least seven Yellowstone National Park wolves have been shot and killed just outside the park's borders. Five of these animals were wearing radio collars and were the subjects of an intensive conservation research study.

The killing of Yellowstone wolves is unconscionable. Tell the governors of Wyoming and Montana to shut down the wolf hunt immediately in lands adjacent to the park.

Wolves roam widely in search of food or mates. It's natural for them to occasionally wander briefly outside the park's invisible borders, but that shouldn't make them fair game for hunters.

Wolves are remarkable creatures. As top predators, they help maintain the balance of nature. Wolf-watching tourism attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year and it annually generates an estimated $35 million in revenue for the region. Twice that amount once money filters through local economy.

The loss of study wolves is especially tragic. It sets back years of conservation research that helps to resolve myths and misconceptions about wolves.

As you know, Defenders has joined other organizations in federal court to re-list all of Wyoming's wolves under the Endangered Species Act. But even if we prevail in court, it won't happen fast enough to stop this immediate crisis on the Yellowstone park border.

Please take a moment to demand immediate protection for Yellowstone's wolves!


Jamie Rappaport Clark
Defenders of Wildlife


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