Thursday, February 14, 2013

You continue to impress me...

Hey Haband,
I looked on my credit card account I used for my purchase of 2-6-2013, and I noticed this charge from a HabandVIP Plus of $1.99, and I was wondering what this little charge was for, and I couldn't find anything on your regular site. But in the mail today I got this mailing from VIP Plus, and noticed that I joined. That alone said something was wrong. Then I checked out your scam, and saw the $1.99 was a 1 month introductory offer, then $15 a month after that, I consciously know I would not sign up for anything like this, because my purchase was a 1 off purchase for me, meaning this is, and will be the only time I ever purchase anything from you. You SOB's used my credit card # I used for my actual purchase, and charged me for your little VIP PLUS Scam at
I never signed up for it, and don't want it, your VIP Plus bullshit that is. I only gave you my confidential info for my purchase only. And I once signed up to get e-mail, but that doesn't mean I wanted to buy into you scam bullshit, EVER! I live on Social Security, and I watch how I spend my money. I am not, and never will give a company $180.00 year to get  $15 gift code, or 10% off of merchandise you sell.
I saw how you get people to join, with big benefits a person thinks they get by entering their name and e-mail, and then hidden on the side is the real scam. I'm sure you hook many a fool, whether obviously, or covertly. If you want people to join your little VIP PLUS Scam Club, then at such time, they should also again fill out their credit card info, and all the other confidential information. That's how it should be done, but not you sleazy folks...No, you played a 3 card Monte on your customers, which is both unethical, and unprofessional. And please don't say you listed the requirements to the left of the bold lettered "Get 15% Off" so enter your name and email below. Was there anything similar to how any purchase from a reputable organization would have it set up for an online purchase? NO!!!
In my book, you all are a bunch of dirtbags! And I want my $1.99 back now. It's funny I get all this crap in the mail, and you charge my credit card way before I get the actual purchase, which I'm still waiting for, and have no idea when that delivery will happen.
Good Night and good luck Haband boys and girls!
Best wishes always,
William D. Harasym

CC: Haband VIP Plus
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-Teddy Roosevelt- Chicago, IL, June 17, 1912

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POA said...

Haband VIP plus is a huge scam, they got me for a few months too before I noticed. Shame on them for preying on senior citizens.