Sunday, June 9, 2013

U.S. Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) Says He's Liable for Every CHILD Killed & Murdered by Guns in the U.S.!

Dear Billy Bob,

The fight over gun control rages on here in Washington, D.C.

I'm committed to continue to fight ALL gun control here in the Senate.

But I know it's the action of good folks like you that really make the difference -- no matter how much the media blathers, it is voters my colleagues care about . . . and fear.

Billy Bob, and the folks that have had the biggest impact this year are National Association for Gun Rights members and supporters.

You know there are plenty of members of Congress from both parties who would love to cut a deal to whittle away at our Second Amendment rights and make the issue "go away."

Without NAGR's bare-knuckled, no-compromise tactics, I believe President Obama would have already succeeded in ramming gun control into law.

And with the National Association for Gun Rights spending more than all other pro-Second Amendment groups combined this year, the gun-grabbers know NAGR's members and supporters are a massive political force they can't ignore.

That's why I believe the National Association for Gun Rights' FRONTLINE DEFENDERS program has never been more important.

FRONTLINE DEFENDERS are patriots just like you who've agreed to a monthly contribution of $10.00 or more to ensure our Second Amendment rights are protected into the future.

If you and I are going to hold off President Obama's assaults, FRONTLINE DEFENDERS will play a key role.

They truly are the National Association for Gun Rights' backbone and an integral part of everything NAGR does here in Washington, D.C.

Below is an absolutely critical message from NAGR Executive Vice President Dudley Brown on why NAGR's FRONTLINE DEFENDER program is so important.

Please take a moment to read it, and -- if possible -- sign up TODAY!

In liberty,

The Hon. Mike Lee
U.S. Senator (R-UT)


Anonymous said...

Well Honorable Mike Lee, are your rights to guns more important than the rights of those children whose lives were snuffed out by a crazed gunman at Sandy Hook, Columbine, Tuscan or in homes where young children found the guns of an irresponsible gun owner who left their guns loaded where little ones could find them and shoot their siblings or parents.

Would you feel differently about gun control if one of those crazed shooter came to a theater where you were watching a movie or your wife was shopping in a mall and was gunned down or your children or grandchildren were sitting in a classroom and some crazed person loaded with attack rifles, shotguns and handguns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition decided to take out the school? I hope the money is worth taking that chance.

David C. said...

That "gun-grabbers" stuff is a load of crap and he knows it. No reasonable person seeking to limit gun violence wants to confiscate guns. We just want steps taken to stop the senseless killing of innocent citizens, including children like those at Sandy Hook.