Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Stop Ken Cuccinelli

Crisis pregnancy centers lie to women about abortion and contraception,1 and in Virginia, candidate for governor Ken Cuccinelli is working hard to get them the money to do it.
Watch and share our video now to see the lies CPCs tell women and learn about their connection to Ken Cuccinelli.

Cuccinelli and his allies at CPCs are hell-bent on stopping women from choosing abortion, and as governor, Cuccinelli will do anything to take away our reproductive rights.
When Cuccinelli was a state lawmaker in Virginia, he went to great lengths to pass laws that undercut women who need access to abortion.2 When he became attorney general, he used his power to close the majority of the state’s abortion providers.3
Now, Ken Cuccinelli wants to be governor. This year, we’ve seen governors attack women’s reproductive rights, breaking their promises and bending the rules to do so: Pat McCrory in North Carolina. Rick Perry in Texas. John Kasich in Ohio.
Cuccinelli is guaranteed to do the same. What else can we think about someone who said he is proud to fund CPCs that lie to women looking for honest medical advice?4
We’re tackling Cuccinelli head on as part of Stand Up, an aggressive accountability campaign to go after every politician and candidate who tries to get between a woman and her doctor.
We can only beat this guy if enough of us have the facts. Watch the lies Ken Cuccinelli is so proud of funding. After you watch, share it with friends – especially friends who live in Virginia.
Thanks for helping to make choice real for all women,

Ilyse Hogue
Ilyse G. Hogue
President, NARAL Pro-Choice America

1 - NARAL Pro-Choice America affiliate investigations
2 - "Is Virginia for Haters?" The New York Times, June 2, 2013
3 - "Another Abortion Showdown in Virginia," Slate, July 17, 2012
4 - "Judge rules ‘Choose Life’ license plates violate the First Amendment,", December 10, 2012

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