Thursday, November 21, 2013

FACEBOOK = Beheadings- OK, Hate Groups- OK, Racist Hate-mongering Ex-Police Chief- OK, Wishing my Death- OK! Posting Poli-Cartoon re: Boehner- EVIL & BANNED!

Beheadings- OK, Hate Groups- OK, Racist Hate-mongering Ex-Police Chief Rants- OK, Hateful TeaBagger Rants wishing my Death- OK!

THE SOCIAL NETWORK Facebook has announced that it will not remove videos or images of people being beheaded as long as they are uploaded with good intentions.

The firm said that there are controversial acts that happen in the world and that often people want to share photos of them so that they can be condemned. This can be extended to all sorts of things, of course, and beheadings might just be one of them.

But God forbid if you post any pertinent political cartoons on Office of Speaker Boehner Facebook Page, and you get banned and blocked from posting on any group or page you are a member of or friendly too, and you can no longer give feedback to your own congressional delegation, and seeing as they are using Facebook for feedback from their constituents these days, well Facebook is now censoring political speech that they don't like or their benefactors don't like.

This corporate-government partnership is known a FASCISM! And FaceBook is a Co-Conspirator!

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