Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Liz Cheney- Bad for Wyoming and BAD for America!

The evil apple didn't fall far from the evil tree! 

It's a shame the little girls don't know their grandpa is a war criminal and one who also promoted a war against a sovereign nation so as to gain access to their oil for his Dirty Energy buddies. It had no connection to 9/11, but the ole' war criminal Dick lied his ass off!

He's a corrupt dirtbag who took a good heart from a real American who isn't a war criminal like himself & that could have used it a lot more, all because the POS has a great sense of entitlement. The sad part is many here in Wyoming Idolize this war criminal & all-around dirtbag. 

He worked really hard to earn his spot in Hell right next to Lucifer! He should be spending his sunshine years in a prison like the U.S. SuperMax Penitentiary-  Florence Facility in Florence, Colorado.

Liz Cheney- thank God you quit the race, you psychotic witch!

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