Friday, September 19, 2014

Another Official Message, filled with LIES & Bullshit from Dirty Energy's Congressperson, Cynthia Lummis!

Here's another bullshit filled and ignorant letter from Cynthia Lummis, Wyoming's lone Congressperson, and slave to dirty energy.
She brings up Solyndra, a solar energy company who got government money, but whose failings are not related to Wind Energy, which is what my letter was about.
Cynthia is a political whore who is living off the money of dirty energy and big business.
In a radio story on Wyoming's public radio today, she was again beating up the EPA, the whipping boy for the corporate owner republicans, and village-idiots like Cynthia.
I say, if she thinks polluting water is A-OK, then, when ever you see her eating out with her dirty-energy lobbyist friends/clients in DC, you pee in her water cup, and watch her drink it, or maybe even pour mercury and arsenic in her cow's water trough, because she thinks it's OK for it to be in our water. Oh, I forgot, if it's Cynthia's water source, it probably is already full of toxic and carcinogenic chemicals. Yep!!!
She is a political-whore, through and through, and has sold her soul to the dirty-energy Devil long ago.
Now, read this bullshit she promotes, along with the lies and misinformation! Who the fuck elects assholes like her?
September 19, 2014
William Harasym
200 Smith Street
Sheridan, WY 82801-3857
Dear William:
Thank you for contacting me regarding production tax credit (PTC) for wind energy manufacturers. I appreciate hearing from you.
As you may know, since 1992 the wind energy industry has enjoyed a unique tax credit that allows them special tax treatment for each kilowatt hour produced. Then, in 2010 under the stimulus bill, a new program was established that paid wind energy companies a cash payment roughly equivalent to what they would have gotten with the tax credit. Since then, 205 recipients have received more than $7.8 billion tax-payer dollars in direct payments to support their wind energy business. The cash payment program expired on December 31, 2011, and the PTC was set to expire on December 31, 2012. The program was extended for one year, and expanded to include any projects that begin the process of construction this year, in the fiscal cliff deal passed in early January.
While I believe that an "all of the above" energy strategy for our country is laudable, the Solyndra case highlights that we must pay careful attention to the amount of tax-payer dollars we funnel to inefficient and ineffective sources of energy that cannot survive absent government subsidies. Data shows that each time the PTC for wind lapsed since 1992, wind energy production declined, suggesting that the wind energy industry simply cannot stand on its own as a marketable business. However, that may be changing as recently many in the wind energy industry have now publically supported a phase out of the PTC. I support that idea.
Every source of energy has a trade-off, and I believe those trade-offs must be recognized if we are to honestly assess our nation's energy portfolio. We certainly need a diversified energy portfolio, but we deceive ourselves if we believe we can solely depend on one source or another. Instead, we must focus on finding ways to use traditional energy resources in a cleaner and more efficient manner, while smartly investing in research and technology that will help us bring viable alternative energy sources to market. To that end, I will certainly take your opinion into consideration should the issue come before me for a vote.
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Cynthia M. Lummis
Member of Congress, Village-Idiot and Slave To Dirty-Energy


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