Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Here we go again...

another broken down car day! The story goes like this...

Once about a time, in a land far, far away, (Buffalo, WY) a young Chubacha needed some mode of transportation. He thought of a Starfighter, or maybe a Photon Blazer, but his budget could only afford a Aerostar, and a used one at that. He had looked high and low, then finally a friend, who happened to be a 39th degree Jedi Knight mentioned that he might be selling his Aerostar! Chubacha was elated, as he had never owned an Aerostar, and heard that they were a reliable galactic transport. But his friend, Budd Lightyear kept hedging and hoaring about whether to sell the Aerostar.

But finally Budd caved in, and for a mere 1000 pecosheckles, Chubacha had his Aerostar. It was everything he had dreamed about, and for years it was a low maintinance transport.

Then strange things started to happen. First the starter for the pulsar drive went bongers, and that cost his 400 pecosheckles, and things were fine for over a year, or lightyear if you chose.

Then, a mere 4 days ago, the cooling exchanger for the pulsar drive was leaking radioactive fluid, leaving a trail of green, glowing fluid where ever he went. He went to Valley Star Honda Motors (Yes, they have Honda Galactic Transports in the future.) and spoke with Joe, from the star system Polanosar, who has many years of experience repairing galactic transports. He said he had to order a cooling exchanger, and to bring it in Wednesday, and they will repair Cubacha's Aerostar (Joe is not a big fan of the Aerostar for various reasons, namely because they break down a lot. Actually he should be happy because he should look at it as job security.) and get that Aerostar ready for Chubacha's journey to Center City, where he can board one of those new and improved CRJ, a commercial galactic transport flown by Northwest Star GT, a regional (This region of Chubachas' universe.) galactic transport company.

But, as things would have it, Joe called Chubacha after he dropped off his Aerostar and told him that the yahoos at the supply company sent the wrong cooling exchanger, although it was in the right box? Go figure. Those parts guys are not the sharpest pencils in the draw. And he said it would be 2-3 days before they could get one in. Wow, Chubacha's mind was racing like a spinning top out of control. What do I do, what do I do was said over and over again in his furry mind. He told Joe he needed the Aerostar so he can head to Center City on Friday to catch his flight, as it is way too far to walk. He was pulling his hair out, and he has a lot of hair, and soon his pet, a gray and black striped feliano, was covered in his hair. He was a walking and talking little hairball, scurrying around the floor. After calming down and explaining the situation to Joe, Joe said he'll make some calls, and see what he could do. A mere 20 minutes later, Joe called back and said he would have a new cooling exchanger in tomorrow morning. Ah, a sigh of relief could be heard throughout the kingdom, all the way down to Center City. Chubacha told Joe to cross his fingers and let's hope this comes through! We'll find out tomorrow.

And the adventure continues...

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