Thursday, December 11, 2008

Scattered brain is...

The best way to describe me at times. I said to myself today, "Self, I will edit some of the thousands of photos I have in my files, mainly to clean them up, and my photo editing software also decreases the file size, to less then 1 MB, because most are over that size." I talk in run on sentences to myself. And, "Self, I will make up some DVDs to bring with me to New York for Christmas to share with my family who I haven't seen in 4 years, well at least most of them." So, what did I really do, I putzed around on Facebook, sent e-mails from Snopes to friends and family who have this habit of sending me these alerts about a virus here or there, and Snopes'es URL is on top of the page (All of them are usually, or mostly wrong!) and I better watch out. I bet they hate me for showing them up, but I am tired of misinformation fermenting itself on the internet by people who don't bother to do their research. Pet peeve, you know!
I was watching CNN and this right-winged neocon dirtbag Tucker Echew (Why are all these republican dirtbags called Tucker? Is it a blue-blood name, or just some parents who were doing drugs when they named there kids? hell if I know.) was on, so I found out where he works and was going to send him an e-mail, but decided against it, because these brain-dead neanderthals (Sorry to the real Neanderthals for insulting them like this!) are lacking any significant gray matter between their ears anyhow. I hung up some Christmas cards, went shopping, did some web surfing, and didn't accomplish a damn thing that I set out to do today. In a few minutes Survivor is on, and then CSI and 11th Hour, so I am set for the day,
It is amazing how much time passes in between enteries, because I say to myself that I will do this on a regular basis. The best laid plans of mice and men...

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