Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Liz Cheney Defends Dad On MSNBC (VIDEO)

All I can say is WOW! She is so wrong in so many ways, and has a severe case of amnesia. Does anyone remember how it was 6-7 years ago when you spoke out against the war? You are either with us or against us! You were anti-American/terrorist if you questioned what the Bush/cheney administration said or did. The media/journalists (MSM) were a no-show for most of the early days, except for a select few, Now Liz wants the media/journalists to do their job. She has also stuck with the old talking points about the war, (Along with revisionist history.) and still doesn't get it that the memos didn't divulge any interrogation secrets, as we already knew what was going on, but not the extent. We didn't know exactly how the process started exactly, but we knew about the water-boarding. And Joe S. is such an ignorant little man, sucking up to his faultering deity. And at the end, when ask about the radio-pundits, and how she wouldn't comment about their statements, I think Mika said yeah there are a few good ones out there, and ole' Liz gleefully mentions Rush. There are some serious mental health issues happening here, and it is scary. I apologize to those who may have mental health issues, (Myself included.) as I didn't mean to disparage you when I used Cheney for comparison, and as an example.
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