Friday, May 15, 2009

Rick Scott, who helped fund the Swift Boat campaign, now attacks healthcare reform.

Rick Scott, the man behind Conservatives for Patients Rights is uncovered in this ad by HCA.

If one goes to CPRights website, Rick Scott's bio is missing some important parts, which are shown here. But it is the wolf in sheeps clothing that Scott is now using for his latest campaign. He doesn't give a rats' ass about patient rights, as he is more interested in the corporate healthcare profits, something so near and dear to his heart. He is a fraud, but the un and under-educated amongst us, i.e. teabaggers, right-winged fanatics, etc, will buy into his misinformation as they are too f&%king stupid to do the research for themselves. Lemmings going over the cliff comes to mind.

From HuffPo, Firedoglake, and Think Progress.

Check it out for yourself.

From Health Care for America:

Health Care for America Now (HCAN) the nations largest health care campaign launched a new television ad today detailing anti-reform front man Rick Scotts dubious past in the health care industry. The former CEO of Columbia/Hospital Corporation of America was forced to resign in 1997, and Columbia/HCA agreed to pay $1.7 billion in fines and penalties the largest fraud settlement in US history. The hospital corporation pleaded guilty to a litany of criminal and civil charges including lying to the government about how sick patients were so they could collect larger fees.

Now Scott is using his own personal fortune amassed during those years to attack President Obamas health care proposals with false claims and recycled scare tactics. Scott formed a group called Conservatives for Patients Rights and is advertising on national cable outlets like CNN and Fox. While some press have mentioned Scotts past in covering his new multimillion dollar ad push, too many continue to ignore the agenda behind the expenditure.

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