Sunday, November 13, 2011

Email from Senator Michael Enzi about being a Wolf Hater and Murderer!

Mike Enzi, just another low-information senator against wolves! It's a shame our elected officials are so ignorant and uninformed about serious issues, but then again ranchers who are leading and pushing this meme are part of agribusiness in this state. Agribusiness represents less then 5% of the states GDP, but there are a disproportionate amount in our state legislature and senate, and are kowtowed too at every corner. Mike Enzi is no different, disregarding the facts in favor of fantasy. SHAME on Mike Enzi, John Barrasso and Cynthia Lummis! SHAME on them!
Here is a letter I received from Mikey about his stance on wolves. The states plan is to shoot them on sight, as a predator in 95% of the state. We only have about 300 in the entire state, so what the hell is wrong with these wolf slaughterers'?

September 13, 2011
Mr. William Harasym
200 Smith Street
Apt 410
Sheridan, WY 82801-3842
Dear William:
I strongly support removing the gray wolf from the endangered species list.  Wolves are predators, and allowing wolf numbers to grow unchecked endangers our big game herds and the livelihoods of ranchers and livestock owners.  The Endangered Species Act (ESA) should be about making endangered and threatened wildlife populations healthy again.  I am disappointed that it has become a tool to perpetually protect a species that has already met recovery goals and now poses a threat to our state's wildlife and agricultural producers.
On April 15, President Obama signed legislation that included measures to delist the gray wolf in Montana and Idaho and parts of Washington, Oregon, and Utah.  Wyoming was not included because of how our state's management plan differentiates between wolves in Yellowstone National Park, their traditional range outside of Yellowstone, and the rest of the state.  Governor Mead subsequently worked to reach an agreement with the Fish and Wildlife Service on a plan to move forward.  I support the outline of that plan and commend Governor Mead's efforts. 
Wyoming must be able to manage wolves at the state level, and I will do all I can to help make that happen.  While I understand your concerns about Governor Mead's three zone plan for wolf management, wolves have met their recovery goals and keeping them on the endangered species list is not necessary.
Michael B. Enzi
United States Senator
P.S. You can get a more complete view of all my activities in the Senate by visiting my web page and also signing up for my e-newsletter. Visit for more information.

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sally in MI said...

Hating wolves is no different than their hatred of women, poor children, safety nets for anyone (who was it that wanted to kill Grandma again?), public education, unions, teachers...the GOP has gone from the Party of NO to the Party of ME! What's good for ME is good for everyone, and if not, tough crap.


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