Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Our wolves and penguins face grave threats today, and we’re looking for a little movie magic to help save their lives.

Howdy You All,
As A Defender of Wildlife I just figured I'd share this with you all!
And wishing you all a Happy, Healthy and Safe Thanksgiving Holiday 2011!
Best wishes always,
Bill and Buddy de Nature Cat 
Wildlife Adoption and Gift Center

Use Promo MOVIES for 25% OffDear William,

Our wolves and penguins face grave threats today, and we're looking for a little movie magic to help save their lives.

The top two movies in America last weekend – Twilight: Breaking Dawn and Happy Feet 2 – raked in more than $161 million in just a few short days.

These films feature wolves and penguins that, in reality, are facing serious threats to their existence. Adopt a wolf or penguin today and help us fight the very real threats facing real wolves and penguins.

Adopt a Wolf to Help Save Real Wolves Adopt a Penguin to Help Save Real Penguins
Adopt a Wolf Adopt a Penguin

Your symbolic adoption will make a great gift for the Twilight or Happy Feet fan in your life. More important, your adoption will help us …

  • Restore wolves to their historic home in Washington State, the real-life setting of the Twilight movies. We're working with wildlife agencies, tribal members, ranchers and other local interests to return wolves  to an area they were eliminated from decades ago.
  • Save penguins from the threat of climate change. In Antarctica, penguins are literally starving to death due to climate change. Defenders of Wildlife is leading the fight to pass legislation to help wildlife survive the effects of climate change and to educate the public on the plight of these beloved birds.

Imagine if together we could raise even a tiny fraction of the money Breaking Dawn and Happy Feet 2 brought in… and direct it to saving the lives of the wolves and penguins that feature so prominently in these films!

We're looking for 1,600 caring people from across the country – just one person for every $100,000 that these movies have grossed so far – to adopt a wolf or penguin to help save these animals in the real world.

Will you help?

Christopher Burley, Defenders of Wildlife Chris Burley
Senior Director, Membership and Online Advocacy
Defenders of Wildlife

P.S. Adopt an animal online through our Wildlife Adoption Center -- or call 1-800-385- 9712 to order by phone.

P.P.S. As a special incentive to get you to join the fight for wildlife, we're offering a special 25% discount on all adoptions when you use the promo code MOVIES. Please hurry, though. The discount expires Thanksgiving Day.

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