Monday, December 16, 2013

My Order- Part II or "Why really sucks! An Out-Sourced Company with FAKE Reviews!"

Hey JustFlower group,
As you can see, I originally had issues with your outfit, but it didn't and hasn't ended there.
This is the first opportunity I've had to write you about the flowers I ordered, as my mom was buried last Tuesday, and I'm staying on in Florida to assist my 83 year old dad who is extremely upset with his loss. But 1st, one quick question- why can't anyone write a review on your pages with the flowers? You show all these glowing reviews, mostly 5 stars, and with a few specific handwriting styles across the entire spectrum of reviews. (I ran it through a handwriting/grammar use program one of my friends at the FBI said he uses to identify handwriting styles.) So...? Why? Can't we write reviews? I know, you have the BBB A+, but to be honest, someone is asleep at the wheel there, as I read the scores of complaints...Unresolved at that!
OK, here's my major problem-
The flowers cost me over $200 when all things were said and done, and the quality of the presentation would have received an F- in my book, based on presentation, and complete lack of similarity to the picture presented on the website. Yes, I know you farm them out to real florists, some better then others, but whomever did mine, well, they suck, period.
Here are the pictures and explanations:
Now, the above was suppose to be what it looked like, plus the banner that was suppose
to read Loving Mother.
This was the description of it:
"Convey the essence of eternal light in vivid, heavenly splendor! Brimming with
citrus-colored roses, lilies, and daisies, this poignant and heart-shaped wreath
is artfully arranged with gorgeous accents and lovely greens."
And this:
Special Instructions:
Viewing is on 12/09/2013, 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Additional note from FH: No service.
Include- `Beloved Mother` funeral banner!
This is what I got. It was suppose to arrive on 12-8-2013 at the Funeral Home
per my instructions. It arrived late, halfway through the wake on Monday!
The arrangement looked nothing like a heart, but a wreath, as everyone thought it was.
It had 5 yellow roses and a dozen or so tiny, and what I say tiny, I mean 1/2 inch in
width little orange roses. There appears to be about 1/2 dozen chrysanthemums, and
about 2 dozen lilies, but they were all unopened and still in bud form, showing no colors
except green. 
AND, there is NO BANNER, that I paid for,
whatsoever, on the arrangement. That clump of ribbons was not
a banner, just in case you were going that route!
There were many nice arrangements there, looking like they were done by professionals,
but mine looked like it was done by an amateur, and was highly unprofessional looking.
Look, my mom only dies once, and I wanted something nice, but instead I got this 3rd rate
piece of garbage. Here are some other pictures, and it felt weird having to take pictures
of it to show you all later.
Mine! No LILIES, except buds, and no freaking daisies, not a one.
Here are some other arrangements that looked way better then mine, and less expensive too.
Yes, this is what a Heart should look like, a heart,
with a banner also, and even daisies, like mine didn't have, yet was
suppose to.
The folks who actually did this disaster were:
Saddle Creek Florist
5829 26th Street West,
Bradenton, FL 34207
With it all said and done, it was a horrible experience dealing with you folks, as it was the worst service ever, particularly the non-English speaking folks in your customer service unit, and the florist you farmed this out to. Either you kept a lot of the money and told her to send me junk, or you both are dirtbags and colluded in this particular disaster.
I realize you will come up with excuse after excuse, because I am probably not the 1st customer you screwed over, which is evident by all the complaints at the BBB in Los Angeles.
And what's with all the fake reviews, and the inability of real customers to actually review you all? Reminds me of the middle eastern guys in New York, Brooklyn and New Jersey who run these electronic product's websites, like DSLR's, point and shot cameras, etc., and sell you cameras at unbelievably low prices, but then lie to you saying they don't come with batteries or whatever when the company says they do and it's standard operating procedure. You must be from the same gene pool.
I wasn't happy at all, with basically anything you all did, so now you do what's right by me. You owe me, and you know it.
Thanks for your time and truly screwing up my order. Out-Sourced flowers don't work too well!
From the desk of:
William D. Harasym
Veteran USAF- Disabled
Fax:     213.927.3602 
Phone: 800.570.0446
Order ID: 7456072
Delivery Date: December 09, 2013
Ship to: Funeral Parlor
Winifred Harasym
The Allen Moore Funeral Home
1222 36th Avenue East
Ellenton, FL 34222
(941) 722-3201
Bill to:
William Harasym
200 Smith St.
Sheridan, WY 82801 United Sta
(307) 673-0155
Item # Title Options Size Price Qty Ext.Price
3218 Eternal Funeral Light $164.99 1 $
Convey the essence of eternal light in vivid, heavenly splendor! Brimming with citrus-colored roses, lilies, and daisies, this poignant and heart-shaped wreath is artfully arranged with gorgeous accents and lovely greens. Express your true sympathy and caring support in a most loving, sincere tribute--order today!
Dear Mom, You Are Missed Already, along with the Unconditional Love You had for All Your Children, Grand-Children and Dad! I Love You Now, Always and Forever! May You Now Rest In Peace! Love Always, Danny (Bill)
Before S&H: $164.99
S&H(Delivery) : $16.99
Handling: $9.99
Express Delivery: $0.00
Sympathy Banner Fee : $9.99
Discount: $0.00
Subtotal: $201.96
Tax: $0.00
Total: $201.96
Special Instructions:
Viewing is on 12/09/2013, 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm Additional note from FH: No service Include `Beloved Mother` funeral banner

Sent: Saturday, December 07, 2013 3:54 PM
Subject: My Order
Dear Flower place,
Since I placed the order 30 minutes ago, I've received half a dozen phone calls asking the same questions about everything that was included on the order form. Now I don't know if it got messed up enroute to you location, wherever you all are calling from, but here is the info:
My Order number is 7456072.

My Name is William Harasym, and I live at:
200 Smith Street, Apt. 410
Sheridan, WYOMING in the USA
ZipCode is: 82801-3842
My Phone is 307-673-0155
CellPhone#: 307-752-5824
Now about the deceased, MY MOM:
Her Name is Winifred Harasym
She is at and this is where the FLOWERS GO!:
The Allen Moore Funeral Home
D. Alan Moore, Licensed Funeral Director
1222 Ellenton-Gillette Road. (Or 1222  36th Ave. E.) Both are the same place!
Ellenton, FLORIDA 34222

I do not live in FLORIDA, and I don't want the flowers delivered to me here in WYOMING, as some of your help thought. Maybe your system has been hacked or infiltrated by nefarious organizations like the NSA, or they are piggybacking the datalinks that communicate with your servers. Something ain't Kosher. Also, some of your employees need to work on their English, seriously.

Wake will be on Monday, 3:00 to 6:00P.M. at The Allen Moore Funeral Home and I want the flowers delivered tomorrow so that I know they are there for Monday.
I don't know what happened with my order in transit to your customer service unit, wherever that is located, but 6 calls, one right after the other, and half the people I couldn't understand at all.
Today isn't really the best time to mess with people whose mom just died.
Thanks for your time. And please don't screw this up.

Here's the Obituary in case you're still confused.

From the Desk of:
William D. Harasym Esq.

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