Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Ruby Tuesday's Card screw-up

Hey Ruby Tuesday,
Went to your restaurant in Ellenton, FL #7149 on Saturday 12-21-2013 and we're still paying the price. Ashley S.- 1166 was our server. Check # 6145.
First off, My Caribbean Chicken was drier then the Sahara Desert. Also a big mess with our ticket at the end of our visit that is still not rectified 72 hours later, with a VISA gift card still being billed when we used a different card after the server said your system would not allow the card because of a pre-programmed tip amount would put the amount over our card balance, although my dad was paying the tip with CASH! Pretty fucked up system you have!
You see, my dad used a gift card that had a balance of $37.15 on it to pay a bill of $32.99, and was going to give the balance of the card as part of the tip then some cash on top of that, but Ashley said your card system would not allow it because it automatically added a tip, which is an option by the way, not a given, as T.I.P.S. stands for to insure prompt service, which is always suppose to be at the customers discretion.
So, Ashley said, after my 83 year old dad who didn't understand a word Ashley said, gave her a real credit card, as opposed to the gift card he had gotten for Christmas from my brother. (Mind you, just 2 weeks ago my mom died of complications of a stroke, and if you don't believe me, just Google- Winifred Harasym, so my dad is kind of sensitive and still upset these days, as he was married just short of 60 years.) Ashley then told us it may take a day or so before the amount is credited back onto the gift card, or it could happen today.
So we left, and the following afternoon my dad sent me to Publix (I'm staying with my dad right now up through Jan 2, as I live in Wyoming, but being the standup guy I am, said I'd fore-go all my Christmas plans in Wyoming and all my doctor and physical therapy appointments, which are almost daily because I too am disabled with an inoperable brain tumor, and other neurological and physical issues, to be with dad during the tough times. I'll also be coming back for the month of March 2014, but I have no clue as to whether any of my siblings will step-up to the plate and help out---they're all talk, and no action types.) to pick-up some items, and use his gift card, but, you guessed it, it wasn't cleared up at that point. And the same BS happened again today! You see, these simple things now piss him off, because he is getting double-talked to by life insurance companies, and state pension department, and on and on, and if dad is pissed-off, then it makes me upset too, because it just shows a lack of concern by businesses and governments during these trying times in one's life. My dad has enough stress in his life then to be screwed around with over a $37.15 balance on a gift card that you all can't seem to rectify.
So, how is it, that it takes a nano-second to debit the card, but days to fix it? Whose the genius behind that great idea? You? VISA? Co-Conspirators?
So, your job now is to apologize to my Dad ASAP, and here's his address:
His name is Joseph A. Harasym by the way, in case you really give a shit!
Now get 'er done!
I spent a life time in Food service, on many levels and managerial positions, so please, not lies or BS, as that doesn't float with me!
Good Night and Good Luck!
Bill Harasym

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