Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Suzuki GSXR wheelie and busted by police on a horse in Central London!

Published on Nov 15, 2014
Police officers were amazing! So lucky. Just to make clear to everyone bike has modification on sprockets so speed is not accurate at all.

Here is what the actual driver has to say:
Aimanas Aima -

This video was uploaded to show how good police in UK.
They appreciated that i was apologetic and admit i was wrong. I had a lesson and it will not happened again. Officer give me a chance to go home without leaving license and I used this opportunity. regarding speeding, i have minus 2 tooth on front and plus 4 on the back so speedo is not calibrated.
Another thing I would never do this if there would be a single soul on the road.
Reason i shared it is because police officer told me to show to my friends.

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