Thursday, April 23, 2015


Life is not lived right move
Even as a child had to hear it
And there is no happiness without trouble,
And wins without a fight, can not be.

And I go on the field where stood,
Time and no mines no longer walk.
I am not a soldier I sapper,
I'm the one who is treacherous death defang.
Look to the left, look to the right,
You make a mistake, you have no rights.
Observe carefully, for now, life and death in your hands sapper.

Like a sharp knife Blade
Leads me back the unknown fate.
My metal detector always weigh
In an explosive hazard field.

Kind of sick of earth I -
The surgeon and scalpel Sapper shovel.
And removing the fuse from the media
I recall the words of his commander.

/ Chorus / 2p.

To kolosylysya rye field
To a peaceful streets and squares.
To buzzing explosion earth
They come on a mission warriors engineers.

They come where no one else will have,
Where only hope they have one.
I know it is not easy and for that,
They are proud of a free Ukraine.

 / Chorus / 2p.

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