Monday, April 27, 2015

"Come back alive!" (And we still need Night-vision Optics)

Published on Apr 20, 2015 -

Ukraine is independent for nearly 24 years. Throughout 23 years corrupt officials have disorganized Ukrainian army, generals have sold arsenals inherited from Soviet Union. As a result, Ukraine entered the war almost without an army, and was forced to create it from the scratch.

While Ministry of Defence of Ukraine implements reforms, ordinary people give help to Ukrainian soldier. “Come back alive” is a foundation that raises funds to purchase modern military electronics. Each thermal imaging camera, night vision device, range finder bought by us helps to save life of Ukrainian soldier.

Agency: NII (

Creative Director: Oleksii Novikov (NII)
Art Director: Vladyslav Voitsekhovski (Publicis Visage)
Copywriter: Anna Launets (NII)
Agency producer: Andrey Svetilnikov (FILMO)

Director: Aleksey Say
Operator: Dmitriy Maksimenko
Composer: Aleksandr Kohanovskiy
Editing: Dmitriy Toloshnyy

Production: Lime Lite Studio
General Producer: Vladimir Yatsenko
Executive Producer: Nataliya Romanyuk
Group Director: Maks Matveev
Location manager: Vladimir Gumenchuk
Casting  Director: Pavel Makarchenko
Makeup artist: Mariya Pilunskaya
Production designer: Aleksey Velichko
Stylist: Anita Zhirgalova
Rental: Patriot

Post-production: Mental Drive
Recording studio: Baker Street

Come back Alive: Vitaliy Deynega

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