Monday, November 15, 2010

Palin’s Paideia Research LLC in Sheridan, WY Get's $12,000.00 From SarahPAC!

I was reading Palingates today, and I saw an entry today that talked about SarahPac’s FEC filings. Of course the Witch from Wasilla was making a big to do about the Media, or the LSM (Of which this fool is a part of.) in crucifying her with regards to a minor $25 discrepancy. Now, those of us who have dealt with the seriously mentally ill have experience bad behaviors like Sarah’s, along with all her justifying, rationalizing, along with her projecting her faults on others. It is truly getting old, and this women never takes responsibility for anything she does wrong, ever. She is in definite need of some inpatient psychiatric care, and as soon as possible.
Yet she or her PAC received 2 letters, one an August 11 FEC letter of deficiency, which required an answer by September 15th, and then a second FEC letter listing deficiencies that was dated November 10. The problem was a systematic failure on abiding by federal regulations of having all the pertinent information of contributions of over $200 or more. I am sure many of you have seen when you donate to a campaign, a candidate and/or a political organization or PAC, where you say the information is true, and if you are contributing $200 or more you’re asked if you are an American, your employer, address, etc. Well, SarahPAC was lack in having their contributors to follow these specific federal laws. But then again, Sarah is a special person, so what applies to everyone else doesn’t apply to Sarah. It’s that egomania acting up again, along with her narcissistic personality disorder and/or her possible bi-polar disorder, and compulsive lying. Wow, Caribou Barbie is a mess, isn’t she.
“Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit.” – Vince Lombardi -
But she has excellent bona fides when it comes to quitting, as many have documented over the last couple of years, like Shannyn Moore, Mudflats, and Palingates, to name a few.
Now on to the main subject, Paideia Research LLC at 1617 N. Main St. in beautiful Sheridan, Wyoming. Now, having lived here for most of the last 20 years I am quite familiar with Sheridan. As a matter of fact, back in 2001-2oo2 I worked right across the street from Paideia Research LLC as a assistant restaurant manager for KFC and I didn’t even notice it. (It was only a figment of someones imagination back then some 8 odd years ago.) And right behind us was/is the City of Sheridan Law enforcement Building, along with the Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office, and our county jail, which they are currently expanding.
So, North Main St. after you pass 5th heading north is primarily residential, with little insurance offices, a Maverick C-Store, motels, and such, and it is also the Business I-90 route too. After you get past the road you take west to the Sheridan VA, and you go over the railroad tracks, it is mostly commercial, with K-Mart, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, but it is a short stretch, and then you’re back on to I-90, either heading north out of town toward Montana, which is about 20 miles, or south, and past the other 2 exits for Sheridan, which basically lies west of the north-south interstate path.
So, I decided to visit Paideia Research LLC, as the particular football game I was watching, because it was the only one on, wasn’t too interesting. So, off I headed looking for the 1617 N. Main St. Suite B, Paideia Research LLC. Now, Palingates Googled it, and said:
“Google shows that the address corresponds to a very non-descript single story building.”
Now, it was listed in the report for the third quarter, 2010 (Page 462 lists Paideia Research LLC of 1617 N. Main St., Sheridan, Wyoming.) that Tim Crawford, the treasurer for SarahPAC had filed.

Disbursement to Paideia Research LLC
It received a disbursement of $12,000 on September 3, 2010. Now, according to Wyoming’s Secretary of State Documents, Paideia LLC was formed on July 16, 2010.
This was the information given to the Secretary of State for Wyoming- Filing ID: 2010-000587308, Filing Date: 07/16/2010, and Name and Mailing Address: PAIDEIA RESEARCH LLC, 32565B Golden Lantern St. Suite 140, Dana Point, CA 92629 USA. It is located on Page 200.
BUSINESS DIVISION, 200 West 24th Street, Cheyenne, WY 82002-0200
Phone 307-777-7311   · Fax 307-777-5339
Website: · Email:

Paideia Research LLC recorded by WY Sec. of State
There appears to be a lot of newly formed businesses using this address in California. There are also some that are using the 1617 N. Main Street, Suite B, Sheridan, WY, 82801 address. Something just doesn’t seem kosher here, and is in need of further investigation. It sort of reminds me of those one room offices that huge companies use in the Cayman Islands as their corporate address to evade taxes and such. But in this case, I’m thinking more in the vain of a shell game, and money laundering and manipulating political funds so as to hide something nefarious. It just doesn’t seem right. Sort of like, well maybe because Sarah is into ghost-writers, then maybe her handlers are into ghost or shadow companies, and using them as drop boxes, or whatever, but it isn’t all straight up black and white, and why they are doing this baffles me. When you see this little office, you too will start wondering.

The infamous "Paideia Research LLC" of Sheridan, WY
From a Google search we have this information:
Sheridan Answering & Secretarial Services,                                                               
1617 North Main Street
Sheridan, Wyoming, 82801 
Phone: (307)674-9264
And from YellowBook, and let your fingers do the walking:
Sheridan Answering & Secretarial Service
1617 N Main St Stop 2, (I’m guessing stop 2 is Suite B.)                                                   
Sheridan, WY 82801-2669
Local: (307) 674-4290
OK, we have some pictures and video of the infamous “Paideia Research LLC” Facility! It’s a sprawling complex, and it could take you years to navigate!

"Paideia Research LLC" neighbors across the street!

Looking to the left of "Paideia LLC" Suite B and observing Suite A

"Paideia LLC's" neighbor to the right. It's a sprawling office complex I say!

A closer look, and you see the address as 1617 N. Main St. Suite C.

A stitched together Pic- The building is straight across, not curved. So, there you have it, The "Paideia Research Facility LLC".

I'm leaving the "Paideia Research LLC" in Suite B in my rearview mirror! Bye bye research facility, and all your evil science!
Something is rotten in Sheridan, Wyoming, and the mystery of 1617 N. Main and Suite B. But it has all the indication’s of the dark side of SarahPAC and their nefarious friends, like Rove, Beck and yes, Hannity!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. I appreciate your sleuthing into this matter that (once again, as relates to Sarah Palin) doesn't make sense. Something important will come of it. Your "Spidey" senses are accurate and should be followed.

Another comment you made in this post that makes sense is your reference to mental illness. I firmly believe that Sarah Palin suffers from mental illness. Unfortunately she is also extremely charismatic and that is a dangerous combination that leads to cult following. Vulnerable people become blinded to reality and step through the looking glass that their cult leader holds up. They can develop a following of religious zealotry. That is what we see developing now with the financial support of hidden powerful backers. I don't know who is behind her or what the ultimate goal is, but her madness is being harnessed very effectively. It takes folks with REAL common sense to speak out and label it for what it is, even though there may be backlash. I live in a blue part of a blue state (Minnesota) where it is hard to comprehend the power that others give to Sarah Palin and her brood. It undermines my faith in this country. I can only attribute it to national dysfunction. I read "It Can't Happen Here," by SInclair Lewis, and I am afraid it CAN happen here, in our time. Thank you for putting your observations out there. Keep it up. You are a voice of sanity and good sense. I will continue to follow your blog.