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Paideia Research LLC & SarahPAC/Sarah Palin & Joshua Livestro & Why all the freaking secrecy?

We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.

– T.S. Eliot – “Little Gidding”

Well, the folks over at Mother Jones got the lucky break from my fellow Wyomingite, which is a big diss on their part toward me. Only kidding, as I could have asked for Kaylee or Karen, and I got Kaylee. But no use crying over spilled milk. It was nice they gave someone the break, unwittingly, and unconsciously. Who knows what the hell I would have done with it, plus, both Andy Kroll and Daniel Schulman are investigative journalist for a great and widely respected organization. I have read their stuff for years, even before I ever read it online. Great job Andy and Daniel!

There still remain many unanswered questions about this event, and we will probably never find out all the answers, ever, unless we can get WikiLeaks to do a document dump for us!

So, how did SarahPAC find David Deloach? David Deloach, a disbarred attorney, now a real estate tycoon, and LLC setter-upper for folks, and political organizations and/or PACs.

Used under "Fair Use Doctrine" of US Copyrights Law- Courtesy of State Bar of California

DISBARMENT-Attorney’s name is stricken from roster of California attorneys by the California Supreme Court and he/she is ineligible to practice law. Attorney may be required to notify clients and interested parties of the disbarment.

Now, I don’t know about you, but if I went to Law School, and spending all that time and money to become an attorney, why would I not pay my dues? And then get disbarred? I am not going to invest any money, mainly because of my economic situation to get the info one can get from the State Bar. For all I know he could have just gotten disbarred for not paying his dues, which if you ask me is a wee bit insane, but to each his own.

So, SarahPAC hooks up with Deloach. Now, he wasn’t some name they just pulled out of a hat, someone had to know of him, and his ability to form anonymous LLC’s here in Wyoming. I am guessing Deloach has done this sort of Black Ops, behind the scene political operative stuff before. And someone from Palin’s new inner circle, like Randy Schuemann, or other snake-in-the-grass types knew of Deloach field of expertise. Deloach fain’s ignorance when it comes to using 1617 N.Main St. Sheridan Address, but he knew of it, and there are a total of 6 different businesses on the Wyoming Business charters for the 3rd Quarter 2010 using that address. This is also not another coincidence, as I think someone is intentionally doing this nefarious and illegal activity.

Here are the 6 using the 1617 N. Main St. Suite B., Sheridan, WY address:
2010-000587795, 07/29/2010- CARDINAL LENDING, LLC
1617 N Main St Suite B., Sheridan, WY 82801                                                                2010-000587816, 07/29/2010-  Edwards Procurement LLC
1617 N Main St Suite B., Sheridan, WY 82801                                                                   2010-000586926, 07/09/2010- HAMILTON PROSPECTS LLC
1617 N Main St Suite B., Sheridan, WY 82801                                                                  2010-000586925, 07/09/2010- Markham Enterprises LLC
1617 N Main St Suite B., Sheridan, WY 82801                                                                   2010-000589446, 09/07/2010- UNITED STATES PATRIOTS UNION, LLC
1617 N Main St Suite B., Sheridan, WY 82801                                                                2010-000587818, 07/29/2010-  Williams Procurement LLC
1617 N Main St Suite B., Sheridan, WY 82801

Yet, the Paideia Research LLC initially had the 32565B Golden Lantern St. Suite 140, Dana Point, CA 92629 address, Deloach’s drop-box at the “AIM Mail Center 19″ at 32565 B Golden Lantern, Dana Point, CA 92629, which is owned by Mike and Stephanie Lee, and whose phone# is: 949-443-1192 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              949-443-1192     e-mail: This is funny how these guys operate, they make it seem like there is a real physical office for these shell and/or shelf companies. If the bad actors from around the world get a hold of this set-up, they’ll be able to channel tons of fund, and who knows what else to these anonymous companies, and not a damn person on the state or federal level, or the mainstream media is paying attention to this. This is going to bite someone in the ass in the future, and I will be the first to say, “I told you so”, even though it may not seem appropriate at the time, especially if it involves a deadly terrorist attack. But…

David Deloach knew this was taking place, albeit his denial is so hokey, and he’s full of shit. Know wonder he got disbarred, he’s an asshole! From just the 3rd quarter reporting alone, there are 100 companies listed at 32565B Golden Lantern St. Suite 140, Dana Point, CA 92629. One freaking a hundred!
So, why all the secrecy? Joshua Livestro, a well-known right-wing ideologue. He has a great reputation in the land of the Dutch, right? Not so according to this blogger:

Jules’ klimaatblog-

All over Holland Joshua Livestro is considered to be a bit of a professional loser :
  • Livestro was director of the conservative Edmund Burke Foundation, but he got kicked out because , quote Burke ‘Livestro’s communications skills haven’t entered the 21st century’. The Burke foundation basically collapsed when new Director B.J. Spruyt did no longer want corporate money to dictate the Foundation’s agenda.
  • He was columnist for the Dutch TV program ‘Buitenhof’ but was sacked because his work was substandard
  • He started the anti-intellectual blog ‘De Dagelijkse Standaard’ but all his bloggers (except Hans Labohm) ran away before the blog even was online and Livestro had to look on internetforums for people wanting to fill his blog. Currently, the America-section on DDS is written by Michael van der GalliĆ«n, a guy who was mocked all over (including far right blogs like Het Vrije Volk which calls DDS an “hysteria-blog”) when writing Obama’s election would bring the USA on the brink of a civil war.
  • Livestro’s only DDS article on climate change wasn’t well received and the comments were rather harsh : “embarrassing” “written by a 12-year old?”, etc.
And another article, translated from Dutch to English, but you’ll get the jist of it:

Martel Blogger sidekick Sarah Palin

Mwaa! Sorry. We can laugh or a slightly hysterical. fear scream just not suppress when we read that John Vlemmix of conservatism, Joshua Livestro going to put in for none other than Tea Party-crazy woman Sarah Palin. Congratulations Joshua, it must be a great honor that after years of toil on the success blog The Daily Standard (click worry, we do not mirror) finally come face to face with the supreme goddess of stupid retarded American. Let’s analyze the images. Maarrr we can hear you thinking, Joshua and Sarah inherently fit with each other so? Well: YES. Thus, Mr. Joshua to come through an EO program (thanks Ben Ketting, Herman Boon) and he believes that torture by the CIA to compare with an oh so unifying hazing in the student being. Funny right?Of course all abortion / creationism positions in the head Livestro completely in line with Sarah “dinosaurs and humans lived together ‘Palin. Joshuas duty as the consultant will also be writing crib sheets. For God did that.

And our own David Frum, who has been ostrasized by many on the right said this in his forum, leading to an exchange with a sarcastic Livestro on the FrumForum and on Twitter. 

From today’s Real Clear Politics, a story based on interviews with Palin advisers:
Palin has taken a particular interest in the European debt crisis as of late, and SarahPAC recently hired Joshua Livestro – a Dutch newspaper columnist who has also contributed to the pro-Palin web site – to research the topic for Palin on a freelance basis.
Reach to floor, pick up jaw, reinsert in mouth.

The potential collapse of the Euro is one of the most urgent and frightening economic crises on planet Earth. Sarah Palin of course is a likely candidate for president of the United States. As such, she has access to the nation’s and the world’s leading economic minds.

The president of the European Central Bank? Available.  Any of the governors of the Federal Reserve? At her service. The economics faculties of every university in the United States? Ready to take the next flight to Anchorage. Heads of the bonds desks at every American bank and financial firm? That conversation might have to be conducted by telephone rather than in person, but still easily arranged. Prime ministers of Portugal, Ireland, Spain and Greece? Accessible.

Frankly, it’s hard for me to imagine any expert in any subject who wouldn’t feel it an imperative public duty to talk to Gov. Palin if asked. Instead she turns to a journalist with no formal training in economics and no experience in public finance. I mean no disrespect here to Joshua Livestro, who may well be a very able person. (You can read a sampling of his work in English in NRO, Pajamas Media and the Weekly Standard at this link.)

But why is a potential president relying for economic advice on freelance journalists   rather than Nobel Prizewinners? It’s almost as if Gov. Palin finds the idea of expertise – not merely incomprehensible – but actively repugnant.

Joshua Livestro, Palin's European Economic Policy Adviser and paper writer!

And here is the exchange between Frum and Livestro on Twitter:

@davidfrum says I should get a Nobel Prize before writing briefings for Palin. I say he should check his facts first
To listen to him, he’s the next Martin Wolf.
@davidfrum Feel free to admit that you were wrong. I may not be Martin Wolf, but I’m not the amateur you’d like me to be either
He’s published no books, and I can find no sign of articles more substantial than an op-ed.
@davidfrum Here you go. It’s in Dutch, but as an intellectual you speak your languages I assume?
@JoshuaLivestro … that you take a look at that book’s acknowledgments and notice who wrote it.
@davidfrum I’m not getting sarcastic, just a little annoyed at you casting doubt on my professional abilities, that’s all.
@JoshuaLivestro That’s the opposite of casting doubt on your abilities.
@davidfrum As I said: if all she wants is briefing notes on issues related to the European credit crisis I think I can handle that just fine
@davidfrum And to suggest Gov. Palin asking me to do is a product of an anti-expertise mindset is just plain wrong. Why not correct that?
And then to the author of

Sarah Palin says the boss to her staff

(This was translated from Dutch to English)19th November 2010

Almost Prime kanidaat Sarah Palin, our own Joshua Livestro added to its staff.Joshua has been appointed advisor on European affairs. That is fantastic news that we also congratulate him!

Real Clear Politics reports that Palin by Joshua shows information about the European debt crisis. In this respect, Europe, looking at Joshua’s blunt comments thereto, beware. Joshua reports that he was “obviously very nice job with this gilt. We should not be more important than it is – more than the occasional memootje some background material and collecting is not – but for a while in this way to be allowed to look in the kitchen of American politics is of course very beautiful. Incidentally, I remain of course just write for DDS (no, not about Palin. For American business, we have since Michael already). “
Sarah Palin next few months is likely to stand for the presidency. She and her Tea Party movement a phenomenon in the United States. In the midterm elections this month won two thirds of the candidates they supported a seat.

From FrumForum-

Joshua Livestro // Nov 19, 2010 at 11:07 am
Dear David, since no one ever comments on your site I thought I might as well leave a little note to cheer you up. Let me briefly introduce myself. I’m the new Palin adviser on the European credit crisis you’re referring to. My resume in a few short lines: I’m a Cambridge-educated published historian and newspaper columnist for one of Europe’s largest newspapers, the Dutch daily De Telegraaf (circulation 650.000 or thereabouts). I suppose that makes me a freelance journalist of sorts. Before I took up that position, though, I was a personal adviser to the European Commissioner for the Internal Market and, ahem, Financial Services. I know it’s not on a par with a Nobel Prize winner, but to suggest Gov. Palin’s decision to hire me instead is evidence of some anti-expertise attitude is perhaps a tad off the mark -like all of your writing about her.

Joshua Livestro // Nov 19, 2010 at 11:33 am
@CD-host: You’re optimistically assuming I’ll be paying regular visits here. Well, ok, I’ll have a think about it. Please note though that I’ll be busy the coming months working to obtain my Nobel Prize (wouldn’t want to disappoint the great David Frum!).Oh and by way of PS: a little correction in the post itself, perhaps with an admission that he was a bit quick to judge this one might not be out of place here.

And another commenter about Livestro-

easton // Nov 19, 2010 at 12:50 pm
As such, she[Palin] has access to the nation’s and the world’s leading economic minds.
I don’t think so. I think a great many would find it too hard not to laugh at her stupidity.
Joshua Livestro, it is nice you replied but being a Historian does not equate to expertise in the debt crisis. Here is the little that Wikipedia has:

Joshua Livestro (born 1970, Amersfoort) is a Dutch columnist and political person. He was a former assistant to EU commissioner Frits Bolkestein.

Livestro read political science at Leiden University and philosophy at the University of Cambridge. Livestro was active in the Edmund Burke Foundation, a conservative think tank. During his studies, Livestro was an active checkers player, and became national students’ champion in 1994. He writes a column about foreign affairs for De Telegraaf.

Livestro succeeded Ronald Plasterk as a columnist for the Sunday morning television talkshow Buitenhof. Plasterk became an education and culture minister in the fourth Balkenende cabinet. The producers of Buitenhof fired Livestro after just four months, saying that his columns were subpar. Livestro said in a Telegraaf op-ed that he was fired for his “right-wing views,” that the show routinely ignores alternate viewpoints and even censures columnists’ views. He also called one of the broadcaster of Buitenhof, the NPS, a “left-wing funnel,” where a “a DDR mentality reigns.” In wake of Livestro’s firing, political parties D66 and VVD asked parliamentary questions to the culture minister, Ronald Plasterk, who incidentally was Livestro’s predecessor at Buitenhof. Plasterk answered that there was enough diversity in Dutch public television. Livestro later wrote a longer account his experiences at Buitenhof for Pajamas Media.

Be honest with yourself, there is nothing remotely special about your resume. You studied Political Science and Philosophy. Where is your degree in economics? As to being an adviser to a European Commissioner, I nearly laughed my ass off. Oh my God, an adviser! To a Commissioner. So you were a flunky to an unelected EU commissioner from a small country. My Uncle was a media adviser and press secretary to a US governor, that didn’t make him equipped to give advice in an area outside of his own expertise.

And some interesting comments yesterday by Livestro and his friend-

Misschien kan @JoshuaLivestro nog helpen om Sarah Palin uit te leggen dat Noord-Korea behoort tot de ‘axis of evil’?
Translation-Maybe even @ joshua straw live help Sarah Palin to explain that North Korea belongs to the ‘axis of evil’?
Joshua LivestroJoshuaLivestro
@arnoudboer Is goed. Ga jij Obama dan even uitleggen dat Europa geen land is?
Translation- Is good. Obama will you please just explain that Europe is not a country?
Evert Hoveneverthoven Evert Hoven
@JoshuaLivestro Have fun.Sarah Palin:”Obviously we’ve gotta stand with our North Korean allies.” Good Grief ! -(@Agoli)
Joshua Livestro
@everthoven Ach, een versprekinkje, dat overkomt iedereen wel eens. Zie bijvoorbeeld dit leuke overzichtje over Obama:
Translation- Ah, a versprekinkje, it happens to everyone sometimes. See for example this nice overview on Obama:
@femkehalsema @ebvrnos OMG, stop de persen, Palin verspreekt zich!! Gelukkig doet Obama dat nooit. Of toch wel? Hmm…
Translation- OMG, stop the presses, Palin preaches is fresh! Fortunately, Obama never. Or is it? Hmm …
@ebvrnos The time has changed for come. Especially in a country like Europe. Aldus Nobelprijswinnaar Barack Obama. Ga je dat ook retweeten?
Translation-The time has changed for come. Especially in a country like Europe. Says Nobel laureate Barack Obama. Will you also retweet?-
@JoshuaLivestro Wat gaat u precies doen voor Sarah Palin?
Translation- What precisely you doing for Caribou Barbie?
@paulvdbas Briefings schrijven over Europese zaken (momenteel vooral over de Europese schuldencrisis).
Translation- Write briefings on European affairs (currently on the European debt crisis).
Femke HalsemaFemkeHalsema Femke Halsema
@JoshuaLivestro Ha ha, aan het oefenen als spindoctor? Succes trouwens!
Translation- Ha ha, practicing as a spin doctor? Good luck too!
@FemkeHalsema Dank! En ja, als je nog eens een spindoctor zoekt dan eh… Nee, da’s toch echt een brug te ver.
Translation- Thanks! And yes, if you’re ever looking for a spin doctor then eh … No, that’s really a bridge too far.
I knew the left was dumb, but this dumb… For the intellectually challenged: she’s quoting Obama’s gaffe. Try clicking the link #57states
@JoshuaLivestro links dom? Gelukkig heeft Palin ze allemaal op n rijtje met haar ‘Noord Korea’ blunder
Translation- Left stupid? Fortunately, all of them in one row of Palin with her ‘North Korea’ blunder.
Now, my favorite pudding brain has to make a comment about her devious plot to seek revenge against the very person that caused Palin to make the North Korean gaffe, President Obama! Livestro, or Live Straw to his close friends is also immature and childlike in his behavior, by showing links to gaffes Obama made. These people are truly ignorant, immature self-centered, irresponsible morons and idiots. I mean seriously, this response for your own “Great One’s” misspoken-ness. Just a bunch of blithering idiots! And Rebecca MANsour, Palin’s CPPS, is so infatuated with Palin, one might think she is her love interest. Now there is nothing wrong with being a lesbian, but living in denial in this day and age is so… so…. so not cool. Then we can all sing, “Rebecca and Sarah sitting in a tree…” Anyhow, the brilliant one, CPPS MANsour came up with the brilliant idea of posting a link of Obama’s gaffes all day long on Twitter. Is she an immature little girl? YES! Is there something fundamentally, and psychologically wrong with her, why YES! And is this what we should expect from people and friends/lovers of people who want to be president? HELL NO!!! But this is what you get from intellectually challenged people with really big egos, but they lack any brains whatsoever.
OK, Here is PUDDING BRAIN #1- (Josh is Pudding Brain #2 for his dumbass bullshit.)
Rebecca A. MansourRAMansour Rebecca A. Mansour Retweeted by JoshuaLivestro
I’m going to post this all day long: #p2
Franco BertacciFrancoIKU Franco Bertacci
@JoshuaLivestro Oh .so it was you who wrote the $P Facebook rant. I knew it had a new stench to it, although yours is congruent to Mansour’s
@FrancoIKU No it was Palin who wrote it. I’m the retweet elf
Ian LazaranIanLazaran Ian Lazaran
@JoshuaLivestro Congrats on getting the hacks at Mother Jones to investigate you, LOL.
@IanLazaran Heh. Nothing if not thorough, those Mother Jones crack investigative reporters. Even phoned my mother-in-law!
Carel BrendelCarelBrendel Carel Brendel Retweeted by JoshuaLivestro
Ik wil vandaag iets origineels doen. Zal ik de PVV eens met de nazis vergelijken?
Translation- Today I want to do something original. I will agree with the Nazis PVV compare?
LPost@postlex LPost
@JoshuaLivestro u wilt toch niet serieus beweren dat Palin’s uitspraken “slips of the tongue” zijn.
Translation- @JoshuaLivestro You would still not seriously contend that Palin’s statements are “slips of the tongue”?
Joshua LivestroJoshuaLivestro
Why, when asked about Palin’s missteps do these people always retort about something derogatory about Obama? They always do it, even when he had nothing to do with Palin’s fuckup! Assholes!
Kustaw Bessems
KustawBessems Kustaw Bessems Retweeted by JoshuaLivestro
Bosma: ‘WNL is niet rechts. Onderscheidt zich niet. Zonde van de moeite. Ik droom van een Nederlands FoxNews’
Translation- Bosma: ‘WNL is not right. Distinguishes not. Waste of effort. I dream of a Dutch FoxNews’
Frits HuffnagelFritsHuffnagel Frits Huffnagel
@JoshuaLivestro Maar het is wel een hele domme verspreking en dus leuk.
Translation- But it is a really stupid slip and so fun.
Joshua LivestroJoshuaLivestro Joshua Livestro
@FritsHuffnagel Dommer dan deze Was ook vet lachen, heb ik alleen nooit over gelezen
Translation- Stupider than this? Fat was laughing, I just never read about
Frits HuffnagelFritsHuffnagel Frits Huffnagel
@JoshuaLivestro Ja dommer, bijna zo erg als ‘I can see Russia from my house’. Maar ga jij me vertellen dat jij haar intelligent inschat?
Translation-Yes stupid, almost as much as I can see Russia from my house. ” But will you tell me you are her intelligence estimate?
Joshua LivestroJoshuaLivestro Joshua Livestro
@FritsHuffnagel Die uitspraak is van Tina Fey, niet van Palin. En ja, dat doe ik inderdaad, mede op basis van gesprekken via email
Translation- That statement is from Tina Fey, not Palin. And yes, I do indeed, partly based on interviews by email.
Joshua LivestroJoshuaLivestro Joshua Livestro
@FritsHuffnagel Waar is jouw oordeel op gebaseerd (naast Tina Fey citaten)?
Translation- What is your opinion based on (besides Tina Fey quotes)?
Frits HuffnagelFritsHuffnagel Frits Huffnagel
@JoshuaLivestro Nou ik kijk naar haar conservatieve standpunten en hoe ze McCain in de problemen bracht. Denk je wel dat ze zelf mailt?
Translation-Well I look at her conservative views and how McCain in trouble. Do you think they own mail?
And here is Huffnagel-
Frits Huffnagel
Frits Huffnagel @FritsHuffnagel Den Haag / The Hague
Raadslid en oud-Wethouder Den Haag (VVD), Citymarketing, Binnenstad, Internationale Zaken, ICT, Personeel & Organisatie en Loosduinen.                                                
Translation- Councillor and former Deputy Mayor of The Hague (VVD), City Marketing, Downtown, International Business, IT, Human Resources and Loosduinen

As you can see, these are an interesting lot. Livestro is finding out about Palin through e-mail interviews. How does he know she is actually answering the questions? And his friend Huffnagel asking about her intelligence? I guess her reputation for being a pudding brain has traveled around the globe, as have her miss-statements, gaffes, and Tina Fey comments that the Europeans think are from Palin. But I guess money is money for Livestro, and he’ll do his policy papers for her, and she’ll read them and find a couple of bullet points to memorize, and never really understand anything complicated. You can’t cram all this knowledge into an empty and plugged up vessel in a year or so. Maybe her sis-mance partner and lover MAN-Sour can learn to be a ventriloquist. You never know, especially when the desires run deep, especially where MAN-Sour is concerned.
It is tough dealing with the under and uneducated and anti-intellectuals, and their campaign may be our country’s waterloo. We must all prepare for this intellectual battle, and we must be armed with facts, as we are facing an enemy where everything is lies, and they thrive on it like herione addicts do to heroine.
Good night you all, and yes, it was and is snowing, and really windy, which means drifting on the highway, with probable closures throughout the state. See ya next go-around.

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