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Sarah Palin’s ghostwriters for “America by Heart” Or “Americans I Hate”, know not of what they speak, Again!

First, let me start off by saying I am bias when it comes to issues regarding and having to do with the military, particularly the U.S. Air Force. I was an enlisted member of the U.S. Air Force in the late 70′s through February 5, 1980 when I was Honorably Discharged while I was stationed at Barksdale AFB, in Bossier City, Louisiana. I was an Air Force Security Policeman/Military Working Dog Handler. I was both an Honor Graduate (My 1st ribbon.) in both Basic Military Training, and at the Security Police Academy. I was also the only member of my class of 260 Airman to successfully qualify and pass the entrance requirements for Military Working Dog School, located at the time at a part of Lackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas called Medina Annex. We had 11 people in my class, with at least 1 person representing each of the 4 branches of the Department of Defense.

Me and my dog "Mac"

Mac in his kennel.

Me and Mac posing for a picture. He had big freaking ears!

I grew up with everything Air Force. When I was in 6th grade I wrote my Congressman about how I could get accepted into the US Air Force Academy. He sent me a nice letter, and the Air Force Academy catalog. My dad wad involved in US Naval Aviation, as a Navy Aerial Photographer during the Korean war era. My grandfather worked and managed all the tobacco shops at JFK International Airport, formerly Idlewild. As kids, me and my siblings would each visit my grandparents for a week during out summer vacation, one at a time. When I went for my visits, my grandpa always took me into JFK a few days, where I would get to sit in the cockpits of the big airplanes, talk with the pilots, (Less security back than.) take rides around the airport with the NY Port of Authority Police, even on the flight-line and crossing runways, when they weren’t occupied of course. I even got to help out bringing the candy up to the shop at the terminal that was where my grandpa’s office was, at the Northwest/Northeast Airlines Terminal. Plus I got paid $5.00 for the day from my grandpa, which to a kid in the early to mid 1960′s was a lot of money. I built what seemed like thousands of models over the years when I was a kid, and even a few during the last 7 years while on a couple of lengthy hospital stays, most of which were airplanes of a military variety.

A P-51 Mustang
So, you get the point, I like and know a lot about the U.S. Air Force and its history. So, as I was reading this excerpt from the SarahPAC franchise player’s ghostwriter, I said, holy crap Batman, this is so wrong!

This is being used under the "Fair Use" doctrine under US Copyright Laws. If you don't like it, then tough shit!

Jimmy Stewart could not have enlisted in the United States Air Force Reserve because there was no such thing when he enlisted.
“Notwithstanding a bitter struggle by visionaries such as Billy Mitchell, the United States did not follow the British lead and create a separate air force. The Army Reorganization Act of 1920 made the Air Service a combat arm of the Army, and the Air Corps Act of 1926 changed its name to the Air Corps on July 2 of that year. On March 1, 1935, General Headquarters Air Force (GHQ AF) assumed command of U.S.-based Air Corps tactical units, which previously had been parceled out to regional Army corps commands. Yet even after Germany, Japan and Italy began to build up their armed forces, the Air Corps (as well as the rest of the Army) remained a small, peacetime establishment with only limited funds for growth or modernization.”
“After September 1939, when Adolf Hitler launched World War II by invading Poland, the Air Corps began a steady growth from 26,000 personnel and fewer than 2,000 planes. On June 20, 1941, the Department of War created the Army Air Forces (AAF) as its aviation element and shortly thereafter made it coequal to the Army Ground Forces. The Air Corps remained as one of the Army’s combat arms, like the infantry.”
“Expansion of the Army Air Force accelerated after the surprise Japanese attack on Hawaii in December 1941 propelled the United States into the war. Under the leadership of Gen. Henry H. (“Hap”) Arnold, the Army Air Forces oversaw mobilization of the nation’s aviation industry and deployment of the largest air armada of all time. Drawing upon American industrial prowess and human resources, the Army Air Force reached a peak strength of 80,000 aircraft and 2.4 million personnel organized into major commands, numbered air forces, air divisions, groups and squadrons. By the last year of the war, the quantity and quality of Army Air Force aircraft and Airmen dominated the skies over both Germany and Japan, all but paralyzing their war economies.”
“Much as it did a quarter century before, the United States immediately demobilized its armed forces after World War II. Based on the Army Air Force’s wartime achievements and future potential, however, the U.S. Air Force won its independence as a full partner with the Army and the Navy on September 18, 1947. Stuart Symington became the first Secretary of the Air Force, and Gen. Carl A. Spaatz its first Chief of Staff. Within a month, on October 14, 1947, test pilot Chuck Yeager flew the Bell XS-1 past the speed of sound, launching the new Air Force into the supersonic era.” (Courtesy of

Originally, Jimmy Stewart was draft in late 1940 by the US Army, but he couldn’t pass the height-weight requirement for new recruits, as he was too light for his 6’3″ frame.  He then attempted to enlist in the Army Air Corps, and again he was too light. Some say he was helped by a friend at the scale, but on his retry, he finally made the weight. He enlisted in March of 1941, when it was still called the US Army Air Corps. It wasn’t until June 20, 1941 that it became the US Army Air Force. It would be another 6 years, 2 months and 28 days before that changed to the United States Air Force! Whoever the idiot was that proofread the manuscript would and should have caught this. That is if that person or persons knew a damn thing about the US military, which obviously they didn’t and don’t. That is odd considering all this Faux Flag-waving crap Palin is doing here. Also, Stewart became the 1st major American movie star to wear a military uniform prior to our entry into the war.

Both me and Stewart were assigned to the 2nd Bomb Wing, 8th Air Force, but separated by some 35 years. He was one who wanted to get into the fight, even after knowing the consequences. This is what we did, as opposed to pinheads who write books like “America by heart” chastising people for not doing their part, i.e.- those evil folks in Hollywood who had the nerve to not make propaganda films about on illegal war where thousands of Americans, Iraqis, Brits, and many other nationalities who were fool enough to buy into the Coalition of the Willing bullshit died, while not doing a damn thing except laying on the couch and eating Taco Bell burritos. Palin knows not about what she speaks, as she is a living contradiction with a massive sense of self-importance, as she points her bony little finger at folks for whatever her slight, and/or resentment and/or vindictiveness or whine du jour is, not realizing she too is guilty, as 3 of her bony little fingers are pointing at her. Folks, you just can’t make this “living contradiction” up! 

I don’t remember seeing her in uniform, and she has the nerve to call others out about that. In the dictionary there is a little .avi of Palin next to the definition of what an “ASSHOLE” is.

Yes, Sarah Palin, you truly are an idiot and a moron.  Your sense of self-importance is bordering on a narcissistic personality disorder. This little diddy is so out there, and mostly made-up generalizations. Does your Christian/Witchcraft/Voodoo religion say lying and making shit up is OK? You seem to do that a lot. And of course, the proofreading thing, well you suck at it, but your ignorant little base will savor every little word, and be none the wiser. 

“Americans get this, we have for a long time. So why don’t the Hollywood and media elite have a clue? (It’s funny Palin asking folks about having a clue, as she is the epitome of “Cluelessness”.) There was a time when our popular culture shared the American People’s admiration of our fighting men and women. They didn’t just mouth the words about “supporting the troops” while they trashed everything our soldiers were fighting for, (What exactly are our soldiers fighting for Sarah? Big Oil? The military-industrial complex? Warmongers like yourself who would shit in their draws if they got shoot at? What Sarah? What?) the way they often do today… Later Elvis Presley interrupted his career as the reigning king of rock and roll to be drafted into the Army.”(Hey moron, he was drafted, which means he was powerless to interrupt anything. Wake up!)

Let me let you in on a secret, getting drafted is not voluntary, so the draftees can not be credited with interrupting their own career. Does anyone associated with this book have at least 3 brain cells that work? I think not, judging by all the evidence. All your book is, besides all this adulation bullshit, well, it is one big hit piece, where you sit and look pretty, and smile, as you, Sarah Palin, take a dagger and stab everyone you resent, dislike, are jealous of, or whatever is going on in that really screwed up brain of yours, in the back. What a bitch you are Sarah Heath Palin. No wonder your SarahPAC is involved with secret money laundering with regards to Paideia Research LLC of “FAKE ADDRESS” Wyoming. I guess I’ll hear some more information shortly about Paideia LLC as they, WY Sec. of State Compliance Division, are looking into (Yes, even outside of Alaska people can investigate Sarah Palin and SarahPAC’s below boards dealings. Yippee!!!) this shady company. Oh, I forgot about the FEC and fraudulently giving false information, with malice and forethought when filing a legal Federal Document. Oops, that might even be a felony!

Well “Miss Self-Importance” Palin, here is a little something for you from Carlos Castaneda:

“Self-importance is our greatest enemy. Think about it – what weakens us is feeling offended by the deeds and misdeeds of our fellowmen. Our self-importance requires that we spend most of our lives offended by someone.”

I think that is spot on in describing Sarah Poo. So, Sarah, were you offended by someone today? Are you harboring any resentments for remarks, oversights, or unpleasant mannerisms? Are you feeling uneasy or tense today about how someone treated poor little “I’m a Victim” Sarah Heath? Ahhh, poor, poor Sarah, where was mommy when you needed her? Oh, and what is Chuck doing again? That bad, bad man! You know, when you are over-sensitive, you start taking a self-righteous position which will lead you down a dark and dreary path. How much better will you feel to let go of the rightness, (In more ways than one.) to let go of your grandiosity, and accept the imperfections in others as well as yourself? When you do that Sarah Palin, you will be a much better person, I hope, and you can focus your strengths and energy on richer goals, rather than let your resentments eat at you like a cancer, and forcing you to write books about your hatred and people you hate. That is so, so sad. 

Next time, please use a better ghostwriter, proofreader, and researcher, as they really screwed the pooch on this one. And what is with the large fonts, and the double/triple spacing? Unless the book is small, like a little pocket-book, otherwise you used a bigger font and format to add more pages, and destroy more trees for this trash of a novel! WHY? Real novels by real authors are not handled like this, but you? I know, you’re special, and there are people out there that will… and… and… for you.

Good night (Really, it is night-time here in Wyoming, & 9°F outside, with a windchill of -5°F, and the damn NY GIANTS just lost, which is bad.) and Good luck!

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