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Sarah Palin, and the nefarious relationship between- Paideia Research LLC, SarahPAC, Corp95 and Anonymous Owners!

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The infamous "Paideia Research LLC" of Sheridan, WY

OK, we have discussed the Paideia Research LLC at 1617 N. Main St. in Sheridan, Wyoming and it was the wrong address. Also how Corp95 was the registered agent, (And the BBB also has the Sheridan address as Corp95′s.) which is run by David Deloach, who in his own words said he creates 2000 shelf companies a year. This appears to be the dark side and under-belly of Wyoming’s liberal lax business establishment laws, or lack thereof.

I learned about the address in Dana Point, the location he uses on his shelf companies, that being: 32565 B Golden Lantern St., Suite 140, Dana Point, CA 92629, is a mail drop, and David Deloach’s phone number: (949) 487-2436 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (949) 487-2436      


This location is a mail-center, called-
AIM Mail Center 19
32565 B Golden Lantern
Dana Point, CA 92629
Phone: (949) 443-1192 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (949) 443-1192      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
FAX: (949) 443-0375
Owner: Mike and Stephanie Lee-

I am guessing now, but I would bet the ranch that Suite 140 is actually his mailbox there at the mail center. Just a guess, as I haven’t called Mike and/or Stephanie Lee yet. I’ll leave that to you.
His other face as an Orange County Association of Realtors member: David L DeLoach, REALTOR® David DeLoach Real-Estate, 33176 Trinidad Dr., Dana Point, CA 92629, Telephone 949-487-2436 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              949-487-2436      end_of_the_skype_highlighting and Fax 949-218-4176, and e-mail @ .

This is the location of the Office for Mr. David Deloach, courtesy of some real estate outfit.

This appears to be a private residence in a development neighborhood, so I’m guessing he is working out of his home. He does live in Orange County, which is a strong Republican stronghold in California, probably the strongest by all measures. It would be interesting to find out is he holds a place in republican party politics in Orange County, and in California, particularly with the recent events with Palin at California State University Stanislaus.

So, His Corp95 address is a Mail Box franchise store mailbox, and his real estate is run out of his house. The distance between his Mail-Box Store address and his Real Estate Office/Home is about a mile. Why is someone who lives in Dana Point so interested in setting up all these shelf companies in Wyoming for? Money is my guess, but why the secrecy? And for whom? And what is his political connection to Palin? And why did he seem to get a little annoyed during my phone call? Was I hitting a nerve? Has he ever been to Sheridan WY, or Casper, and does he do everything by priority mail, and money orders. His 210 Nichols Avenue in Casper, WY is Casper Answering Service. Has Wyoming become the Cayman Islands of the Continental United States. Their laws are lax, and accountability is non-existent. Even Canadians are coming here to incorporate! And now political money laundered or whatever the secret nefarious activities that are actually going on here.
I went to Sheridan Answering Services, and etc, this afternoon (11-16-10) after I went to my VA doctors appointment. My appointment was at 1pm, and I got out of there about 1:35pm. The weather is turning for the worse around here as winter is rearing its ugly head. I got to 1617 N. Main St. Suite B, around 1:45pm, and took out an older digital camera that records just audio if I want, and set it up. The wind was blowing at 40-50mph gusts, and the snow was flying, and I was wearing shorts. Hey, if it isn’t below 0° yet, shorts are the norm for me. I explain it some day, but not now.
I set my old camera up to record and placed it in my coat pocket. It would have been able to pick up the conversation, as I had tested it, but I forgot one thing, to turn it on. I thought I pressed the button, but I obviously didn’t. but that’s OK, I have a good memory.
I entered, and the door was open this day. I’m thinking maybe she was in the bathroom yesterday, as it looks like she lives there, although she said she didn’t when I asked her. When I got there, I obeyed the not to let the cat escape sign, and there was kitty waiting for me at a desk right as I walked in. It looked more like I was walking into someones living room rather than an office. Now, my new source asked me not to use her name, and I will respect that, as I told her I was writing a blog about some stuff. The most you just got was that she is a she, or is she? Anyhow, I will respect her request as that is how sources work sometimes, and I am not going to pull a Judith Miller. I will call her Jane, just to make it easy on you all, and me too.
Jane told me a twisted story of corporate malfeasance, and many irregularities. I spoke with her for over an hour, and she was really nice. She is not, or never was the mailing address for, or the registered agent for Paideia Research LLC, ever. She has been located at this address for the last 15 years. (She said I reminded her of a guy that use to be a manager across the street where the old’ KFC use to be, and I told her I was, back in the 2000-02. She told me the place went to hell in a hand-basket after me and Chris left.) There was a time in her past that she acted as a registered agent for Corp95, and David Deloach and had a business association with him. She called all the companies he set up subsidiaries, but they are actually shelf companies, as opposed to shell corporation, 2 different animals. But Jane told me she got out of the business when her name and address were used without her knowledge by someone setting up these shelf companies, and she was fined $2000 by the state. She also told me there is and has been an ongoing 2 year investigation into these nefarious outfits and their Laissez-Faire attitude toward even Wyoming’s minimalist incorporation laws. She also told me that another outfit out here called “Corporations registration Services” and/or “Business Registration Services” that are on the sleazy side, and flaunt the law, as there isn’t much of one here, so whatever it was that Jane got fined $2000 must have been serious. She told me that now when she gets mail for these shelf corporations/LLCs and she knows the registered agent, she just forwards the mail to them, otherwise she said she just returns it to the sender. She also said she was unfamiliar with the name Paideia Research LLC, as that company had not been setup yet as a shelf company when she was still working for David Deloach/Corp95.
Jane talked about how the onslaught of numerous nefarious and out of control outfits establishing scores and scores of these shelf companies, and how many have just used various Wyoming addresses that weren’t theirs, and just arbitrary, to use to set up their companies. She said it’s like the wild-west of shelf company establishing, where the Marshall/Sheriff alone can’t handle all the out of control set-up companies.

UPDATED- And Cleaned of Sheridan 1617 N. Main Suite B Answering Service owner’s name.


So, what I learned that the under-belly of Wyoming lax business incorporation laws has created a lot of unsavory characters and organizations, and more bad is going on that the general public is unaware of. She also told me to call David Deloach, as he would have some answers (Maybe to his secret business connections yes, but to an investigative blogger, I think not, but I tried.) and the call Kaylee and Karen at the Wyoming Secretary of State’s office, investigative division. Now, I had much better luck with them, well better conversations at least, and they were very receptive, and I even sent them the large 400+ page FEC 3rd Quarter Filing for SarahPAC, along with copies of the 2 deficiency letters. I spoke with Kaylee both yesterday, and she called backed this afternoon. You too can call, just call the Secretary of States office and ask for Kaylee. She hasn’t really given me any information I didn’t already know, but I did give her information that they did not know, and that was fraudulent. I feel like a “dirty rat”, James Cagney style “You dirty rat…”

Wyoming likes their secret ownership of companies, as do the companies that set up these companies.

This is from Wyoming Corporate Services Inc.-

A nominee is used when you want to increase your privacy, decrease your visibility, or have someone do something that you can not do.  We can provide a nominee for the following situations:
3.  Full-Time Nominee Service. This service is designed for those that absolutely do not want their name to be associated with a company.  The nominee is not only the officer of record, but is the only one who signs documents for the company.  The nominee will sign all corporate documents, except those that are not lawful or that bring personal liability to the nominee.  There is a yearly charge for the nominee service.  You also must sign a nominee agreement, which protects the nominee if there is wrong doing. Tax returns are not signed for by the nominee.

And now for the registered agent definition from the same Company-

Registered Agent Services-

Wyoming laws require that all corporations maintain a registered agent within Wyoming’s borders, with a live person there available for service, Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. The duty of the registered agent is to accept service of legal documents and notifications from the state or other entities. As your registered agent, we will accept all legal documents on behalf of your corporation and forward them to you. This is not a regular mail forwarding service.

Also included in this service is the forwarding of all mail to you from the State government and any due process. Most other companies do not provide this service.

(Registered agent service is automatically included in the basic Corporation and LLC packages for the first year.)
$135.00 per year for each year thereafter, if paid via Auto-Debit/credit card. $185.00, if billed.
I wrote to Kaylee at the Wyoming Secretary of State a little while ago about the registered agent requirement of state residence, as David Deloach was quite insistent that as a registered agent he was responsible for collecting incoming lawsuits. Somebody with connections in California please check out and see if there are any Republican Party/David Deloach connections. Here is the 2nd letter I wrote to Kaylee-
Ms. Nelson,
Rather then trying to scour the Wyoming Statues, (Maybe you can tell me the locations of business laws?) would you all know if a registered agent has to live physically in the State of Wyoming, or, like Corp95 having an address in Wyoming, but it’s principal/registered agent along with being the registered agent of all these 2000 companies he said he creates each year in Wyoming (He told me he was, as he was trying to act condescending with me in testing my knowledge of what a registered agent does & He told me they accept all the lawsuits filed against the secretly owned LLC. Why are these LLC’s getting sued?) lives in Dana Point California at 33176 Trinidad Dr., Dana Point, CA 92629, Telephone 949-487-2436 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              949-487-2436      end_of_the_skype_highlighting and Fax 949-218-4176, and e-mail- .
Have we entered the new age since the Citizen’s United Supreme Court decision where corporations are now people, and as a Corp95 has an address here in Casper, then therefore it is treated like a living breathing human? It just keeps getting stranger and stranger.
Thanks for your time, and sorry to bother you. Have a great day!
Best wishes always,
Bill Harasym 
“Washing one’s hands of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless
means to side with the powerful, not to be neutral.” -Paolo Friere-

And the first letter I wrote earlier today-
Howdy Ms. Kaylee Nelson,
First, thank you for your time in this matter. Now, it was listed in the report for the third quarter, 2010 (Page 462 lists Paideia Research LLC of 1617 N. Main St., Sheridan, Wyoming.) that Tim Crawford, the treasurer for SarahPAC had filed. Here is the link too:
Also are copies of both letters of deficiencies sent to SarahPAC by the FEC. Also, look at your own 3rd Quarter Business Charters for the Sec. of State. If you do a search for 1617 N. Main St. Sheridan, there are 6 new businesses using that false address. *&%$@ at Sheridan Answering Services told me she is out of the registered agent business because she got screwed, and a $2000 fine. Corp95 now uses 210 Nichols Rd in Casper, which is Casper Answering Services. David Deloach has a thing for answering services in his shady operations. Something isn’t kosher here, in my honest opinion.
Thanks for all your help, and good luck. Anything else you need, let me know. You all should do a sting on these guys, as having the Cayman’s Island reputation is not a good one. It is only followed by other bad behavior.
Best wishes always,
Bill Harasym

“Washing one’s hands of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless
means to side with the powerful, not to be neutral.” -Paolo Friere-

That’s it for now, as I haven’t transcribed my 2 conversations with Kaylee yet, but they are fairly mundane. If anyone seriously wants to hear them, let me know, thank you. I know you have moved on from this side story, but I am still following it up. I know about the Palin’s book issue, as I refuse to call it a novel or anything else that might attribute to it some sense of a true literary work. Maybe a door-stop, or something for shooting at the target range, but as pure literary genius, or even dumber and dumber it is not.


Gina Justgina said...

David DeLoach has quite a past. He is a disbarred attorney who can never get his license back. You can look him up on the CA state bar page. He made national news in 1969 when he and his law partner went to Texas to try to bring Charles Tex Watson back to California. They brought the media with them and the judge fined them each a $100.00 and told them to get out of town or do 72 hours in jail for disrupting his courtroom. Prior to making headlines in the Manson trial, he was in the news for being President of the Young Republicans during the same period that Reagan was campaigning for governor. I'm not at all surprised that he was involved in something shady with Sarah Palin.

Gina Justgina said...

Oh and I forgot the other important part, why he was disbarred as a lawyer; He was running three "health clubs" with the same lawyer he was kicked out of Texas with that were fronts for prostitution and he ran a fake law college and was involved with trafficking cocaine into the country from South America. That's a lot of dirt.