Sunday, January 5, 2014

EarlyReturn Reward travel dates? When are they, once a year? [Incident: 140105-000088]

Here is my comment I posted on Frontier Airline's Contact Page.
Why do airlines think you have to use your rewards on their dates, and not when we need to travel. It took me years to build up my miles to finally get a round trip, and I was going to use it to visit my dad in Florida in March 2014, as my mom just died a month ago on December 4th, 2013, and I'm the only family member who has the time to help my 84 year old dad out.
So, I guess they think this person, me, is going to jet off to Cancun for a vacation whenever Frontier decides to give me my reward---NOT!
I live on Social Security Disability (Because of an inoperable brain tumor, and other neurological and physical issues.) and at a few dollars above the federal poverty level. All my trips are about the responsibility to helping one's elderly parents, and not some vacation to Aruba, Vegas or wherever other people with real vacation time travel to have lots of fun and whatever.
It seems to be a constant theme these days for companies to screw their loyal customers over, again and again, and…
I really don't expect a positive answer from these yahoos, but nothing ventured, nothing gained!

From the Desk of:
William D. Harasym

From: Frontier Airlines
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Thank you for contacting Frontier Airlines. Your request has been received.

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 Auto-Response01/05/2014 10:36 AM
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 Customer By Web Form (William Harasym)01/05/2014 10:36 AM
Hey Frontier,

How does one know when they can use their benefits from EarlyReturns? Do you constantly punch in dates, and hope for a date? What good are they when you can't use them when you want to travel? Just another way of the airlines of nickel and dime-ing folks, and screwing them out of their rewards? Why is it only on your dates, whatever they are? and not when the customer wants to travel? It's all BS!

Thanks for your time, and I use to brag about you guys, but now, forget about it, and guess I'll go fly United, American, Delta or Southwest now. You might as well hand out KY Jelly when you promote your Rewards program and Credit Card on board the aircraft. It's all smoke and mirrors, with the ultimate goal of F'in the customer!

Good Night and good luck!

William D. Harasym
USAF Veteran (Disabled)

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