Monday, January 27, 2014

The Right-Wing Guide on How to Argue with Liberals... By Naked Axiom!

Many patriots wonder how they can best serve their country. I have two words for you. Attack liberals. How do you find liberals to attack?

The easiest way is to piggy-back someone else's conversation. If you see
another Right-Wing Patriot in a debate with a liberal, put yourself in
their shoes; they're obviously struggling. Jump in, attack their
opponent with a short, unrelated insult and, then quickly - jump away!
You'll be helping a fellow conservative plus, you'll look cool!

Now, if you get involved in a debate, it 'can' be hard to remember all
of the important elements involved in arguing with a liberal, but here
is a handy checklist to make sure you've included all of the pieces
essential to maintaining the purity of the Right-Wing brand.

  1. Whatever FOX says, you say. When in doubt, toss out a Drudge
    headline or quote any conservative talking head you watch or hear in any
    form of media. It doesn't matter who they are; they will all be saying
    the same thing.
  2. Incorporate the #fox, #tcot, #tlot or #ocra hashtag in every tweet, because by calling forth other Patriots to also attack your opponent, you'll never have to give a real answer for anything.
  3. If a liberal asks you to prove any claim you have made is a fact by
    providing a source for the info, always respond: "Do your own
    research!!" or "I'm not going to do your research for you." That way,
    you don't have to do any research.
  4. If you feel you must send them a source link, make sure you only
    offer links from Drudge, The Blaze or other right-wing blogs or op-ed
    pieces. It doesn't matter if you've read them.
  5. It is also helpful to have a ready list of links on-hand that are
    completely unrelated to the topic of discussion to flood your
    opponent's @replies with. Again, it doesn't matter if you've read them.
  6. If you're unsure about how to start a tweet, try "Why do liberals
    hate gay/black/poor people?" That should get your creative juices
  7. Whenever you mention Obama, make sure you cleverly alter his name
    into something insulting, such as the easy-to-remember 'Obummer'. Or if
    you really want to get the debate moving, just refer to him as 'the most
    radical President in American history'. The liberals will go crazy
    sending you all kinds of links with numbers and facts. Don't worry; no
    one expects you to read them.
  8. All of your tweets (whether you are in a debate or not) should contain at least one insulting name for liberals. Libtard is a favorite, but it is getting a bit less effective from constant overuse. I suggest the more modern twist, Libturd.
  9. Stay away from facts. Facts are only opinions reinforced by truth.
  10. If a Liberal has insulted you (especially using large, hard to
    understand words), don't panic. Simply tweet back their own words as
    though they were your own. That way, you don't actually have to come up
    with anything clever to say.
  11. Never answer a question. The best way to counter the left's
    expectation for meaningful dialogue is to ask them an unrelated
    question in return, such as "Why do you like to kill unborn babies?"
  12. Make sure each of your tweets is riddled with grammatical and
    spelling errors. After all, you wouldn't want anyone to be able to
    accuse you of being one of the "intellectual elite".
  13. Each of your tweets should include one of the RWNJ
    signature terms - commie, Marxist, socialist, or Nazi. You may use
    them interchangeably to keep things fresh. To keep up on the latest
    trend, trying using "Caliphate" or "sharia law".
  14. If you're a conservative male arguing with a liberal female,
    make sure you call her several misogynistic names to make sure she
    understand that you're a REAL man and then, tell her she's pretty or
    mention how great her ass looks. The ladies all enjoy compliments.
  15. Whenever a libturd (see how I slipped that in there?) presents you
    with facts, you will most likely be tempted to turn tail and retreat,
    but don't panic. Simply toss out any one of the many variations of this
    phrase: "That must be some good Kool-aid you're drinking." Be creative
    with it. Maybe ask them what flavor of Kool-aid it is. Advanced technique: Suggest a possible flavor for them but, make sure it's a liberal sounding one like Black Cherry or Piña-Pineapple.
    The important thing is to include the word "Kool-aid". I'm pretty sure
    Hannity said they pay the tea party every time we use it.
  16. If they happen to bring up GW Bush, tell them they need to stop
    living in the past. Then, tell them President Lincoln freed the slaves
    and make sure they know he was a Republican.
  17. Mention the most trendy new "scandal" word like Benghazi
    or PRISM. But, if you get flustered and forget what's hot right now you
    can always fall back on the old reliables: Obamacare, Soros or Alinsky
  18. Be subtle with your racism. Insist you don't like the President
    because of his policies and then, RT a picture of him as a monkey. Then,
    when the liberals call you a racist, turn it around on them. Tell them
    at *they* are, in fact, the racists because they keep black people down
    by helping them. They will be left speechless.
  19. Sprinkle the terms "Patriot," "Constitution," "liberty" and
    "freedom" here and there to constantly remind others that you're a real
    American, even when you're not acting like one.

What's most important to remember is that as a right-winger, you have an image to uphold and a duty to build yourself up by putting others down. For freedom. 

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