Monday, May 5, 2014

Legion of Doom and his bogus game play & CBS enabling a player who also is disrespectful to veterans who are DISABLED!

Dear CBS Sports People,
Look, I've written you all before @CBS, but you appear to be ignorant of what sportsmanlike play and positive role-model qualities really are, but I'll complain one more time, and then publish it on my blog and on the Huffington Post after that. 
I've been in this league, one I happen joined because a fellow fantasy player asked, although I am not really familiar with who he really is, but I joined anyhow. I do that, as people over the years have joined my leagues when I ask them.
I've played in leagues for many, many years, both at CBSSportsline, Yahoo, ESPN, FOX, etc., and have never, ever run into this type of player, one who is really mentally ill, or has no idea of how to play fairly. Yet you appear to be enablers of this guys ADHD or whatever his mental illnesses really are.
We just finished week 5, and this guy has had over 300+ transactions, with many adds and then dropping the same player, thereby making everyone else unable to get them as free agents and have to wait the waiver period. It is really bad on the weekends as adding then dropping doesn't allow any player to add that player the following week, they then have to wait an extra week. If this is legal strategy, and allowed by you all, then I don't want to be part of this clown show you call fantasy baseball. I have never ha this issue arise in any league I've ever been in, EVER! At Yahoo, as commissioner you can limit the number of transactions a week, (Which I usually limit to 10 per week in my leagues.) which is a great idea that CBS seems to not understand. Even in their non-custom leagues, they have a limit per week.
So, in 5 weeks of Baseball, we have 300+ transactions, which turns out to 60+ a week. If this isn't overboard, what is? Who is driving the clown car at CBS Sportsmanlike Decision Making Team? This clown says he's been doing it for the last 6 years in this league and no one has ever complained, but then I join and complain.

The coup de grâce was when this clown, also Known as the "Legion of Doom" disrespected my service in the US Air Force, and the fact that I am a veteran who is disabled. I don't care whether you like war or not, or the government, you never disrespect a military veteran who is disabled, EVER! Yet the CBS folks let it slide and said we should be nice to each other, blah, blah, blah. It was a coward move on their part, afraid to stand up for America's Disabled Veterans. How many disabled veterans do you think you would lose if this story got out? A LOT!
Here is just one conversation:
- Me too, Ha, Ha, Ha! But, like your OCD issues with adding and dropping multiple players, and many being the same one's you just got minutes or hours earlier almost everyday, and CBS Sports says it's OK (For Now), well so is objecting to your OCD issue with you constantly trading players, some of which you just added or traded for hours or days earlier. Ha, Ha, Ha! I object your honor! Well the jury has spoken and the trade denied---Yes sir-ree!!! Good Night and Good Luck Everyone!
- disabled vet huh. must be mentally.
- seeing that you want to run and tattle to cbs apparently
- glad to see everyone is enjoying themselves. Let the good times roll!

- Yes, I am a veteran who is disabled, and you, well...we all you know what you are. What branch of the service did you serve in again? I thought so. Where is all the laughing now Matty? People coming out of the woodwork is their right in this league, as is you making a fool out of yourself everytime you open your mouth. I'm so glad you are nice to us vets who are disabled, and you use it in an Ad hominem attack. I'm impressed, as I didn't think anyone could go that low, but I was wrong. Why are you so sensitive when people call you out for your extreme add/drop behavior, but you have no problem of calling out folks who object to any and all of your trades. Do you see a contradiction there Matty? Your Game play is OK in your eyes, yet others game play is not? Tattle is a child's word Matty, so, are you a child? It is also my right as a manager here to report unsportsman like behavior, and then CBS deals with it as they see fit. They are still letting you play, but we never know for how long. In the hundreds and hundreds of leagues I've been in over the past decade plus, I can count on one hand the number of times I actually contact CBS, Yahoo, ESPN, FOX, etc, about fellow managers behaviors or gameplay, and violations of the T.O.S.! And this was one of them, because you are extremely erratic in your managing. And Jim, FYI I always enjoy myself playing fantasy sports, but I also have the right to speak up when I see something that is unsportsman-like. Finally, I challenge Matty to go up to any disabled vet in his neighborhood, or while in the supermarket, or wherever he hangs out, and disrespect them to their face, and please video-tape the encounter, as we'd all like to see what happens to you! Good Night and Good Luck!

- being a vet is your choice. you all want special treatment. no one is special in my eyes except my son. no one in 6 years has reported things til now. what's that say about you? not going to say for fear of reporting. I will say what I want to who I want. no fear brother. reporting is for, know...

- Well, thanks for sharing Matty. You again validated that you truly are a piece of work, and the sad part for our society is that you are actually breeding. By your writings, I figured you were a 13 year old, but now I know you're a 13 y.o. baby-daddy, who is disrespectful to veterans. You're a sad lil' man, and it appears your "Friends" tolerate your insanity. Good Night and good luck, and I expect Matty to rebuttal this, as he's the kind of guy who always has to get the last word. Ciao!

- by the way there Lt. Dan. you talk about my issues I get the sense you are narcissistic, histrionic, and have an extremely high sense of self worth " my right as a manager....". dude, its fantasy sports. I'm sure you feel that way cause you couldn't cut it in real sports. I do like getting the last word in but now I have to go to sleep so I can go to work and reform criminals to keep you safe.

- William, why do you feel it necessary to write to cbssports? Do you feel you are being cheated? Matt has always been a wild man when it comes to trades and the free agent wire. Even before I knew him, I never had a problem with it. Part of the game as far as I'm concerned. Others have voiced their concernin the past, but no one has ever written to cbs about it. Let's keep cbs out of it, if any of us feel that owners are colluding or making unfair trades, by all means voice your opinion.and the league will vote on it.

- William, don't think I am taking Matts side, I am taking my side. As far as the name calling and stuff like that, it's none of my business how men conduct themselves.

Now the ball is in your park, so what are you going to do? Do you have the guts to do the right thing, or is your spine made of Jello?
Here's the league I am in, or the one that is pertinent to this discussion:
The team is "Legion of Doom" and the guys name is Matt MacKay!

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