Saturday, May 31, 2014

Pictures from Wyoming - Bison, Mountains and Kendrick Park, and my Apartment! Part - 2

Part II -
Bison at Kendrick Park.
The WYO Theatre. It's where they have plays, concerts, musical acts, etc. It's on Main Street. 1 1/2 blocks from where I live.
Where I live. My apartment is on other side, 4th floor. This place is for seniors and/or disabled (Some who are not seniors).
Sheridan Square Apartments, looking from Kendrick Park walking path bridge.
City Greenway Trail Bridge over Little Goose Creek. The park is behind me. Trail runs throughout the entire city, a lot of it along the creek.
Kendrick Park.
My apartment from Trail Bridge, looking east. Little Goose Creek is running high because of snow melt in mountains.
Little Goose Creek.
Newfoundland. He was with his own in secluded section of park, relaxing in the shade. Pretty big dog.

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