Monday, May 5, 2014

Re: - Case #00832482 - Fair Play, and CBS Sports warp sense of fair-play!

Well, then get me out of that league now you ignorant little twits! You equate disrespected a veteran who is disabled to a psychotic player with OCD! Bet now of you techno geeks at CBS were never in the service either. What a bunch of wussies!
Sent: Monday, May 5, 2014 8:55 PM
Subject: - Case #00832482 - Fair Play, and CBS Sports warp sense of fair-play!

After looking further into this, the league had been warned for inappropriate behavior/language back on 3/11. This owner has not made a comment since then. The add/drops he is performing is not waiver wire abuse. This is a type of strategy for some fantasy players. I suggest in the future you might want to try joining a league with limited transactions. These are offered in our fantasy meeting rooms.

I understand how you feel about what the owner said about being a disabled veteran. Unfortunately, I can not kick him out of the league or even silence him for you. He would have to say something else in order for us to do anything. I also must point out that this behavior was brought forth by the comment you made about OCD. It isn't very polite to make these types of comments as well as the ones made towards you. At this point, no actions will be taken towards this owner.

Thank you for your time and your service!
Thank you for continuing to make your Fantasy destination. Please reply to this email should you have additional concerns or more details to provide for updating your question.
Have a great season,
Commish Aaron
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