Saturday, May 31, 2014

Pictures from Wyoming - Bison, Elk, Mountains and Kendrick Park, and Buddy de Cat! Part - 3

Part – 3:
Some kids on Field trip to park at Ice Cream stand in the park.
Another bridge across the creek. The park is behind me. Those a new homes built recently across the bridge.
Buddy de Cat!
Chain-saw wood carving of old dead tree. There are a few throughout the park.
Band-shell in the park. To the left and behind of where the band-shell is we have tennis and basketball
Courts, and the community swimming pool. To the right and behind it is the part of the park where
All the elk and bison are located. You can also circle around the park when you leave, and get to the
top of the hill, and that's where I shoot many of my elk and bison pictures.
The elk and bison are loosing their winter coats.
Something is photo-bombing this picture---can you see him?

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