Saturday, October 5, 2013

Heavy Snow shuts down electricity and roads in Sheridan, Wyoming on October 4, 2013!


Snow shuts down electricity and roads in Sheridan!

Posted: Oct 04, 2013

The snow is making travel difficult in Wyoming and it has knocked out electricity in many areas.

Interstate 90 is closed from Sheridan to the South Dakota border. Any county roads that are open are slick and covered with snow and slush.
The snow's weight has caused many trees to bend or break, some hitting power lines. Montana-Dakota Utilities says power was lost for many homes between Ranchester and Big Horn.
An MDU spokesperson said as on noon Friday, about 3,000 in Sheridan County were without power, but that number could go down to only 1,000 later in the afternoon.
A Powder River Energy Corporation spokesperson says crews started working late Thursday night to restore power to many rural areas around Sheridan, Buffalo, Newcastle, Sundance, and areas around Wright, Gillette, and Moorcroft.  There are still around 3,000 meters without electricity, and those without power should prepare for extended outages lasting into the weekend.

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