Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sublette County Demorats sing "Liz Cheney's Lament"

"Liz Cheney's Lament"
©Katharine Collins (Melody: Home on the Range)

1) Oh, give me a home
Where the Tea Party roams,
And the people are all begging me
To throw out Mike Enzi
Who's become far too friendly
With people I don't care to meet.
Let's give a home to Liz Cheney
She's so sick and tired of McLean-y
All she needs is a seat
With the power elite...
And Wyoming will have a new Cheney.

2) When I bought my new home,
I assumed I could roam
And fish in Wyoming's bright streams
But I found out too late
Even Cheneys must wait
To pursue every fisherman's dream
Oh let's give a break to Liz Cheney.
So young, so rich and so brainy
But Chicago's law school
Never taught her the rule
That ignorance is no defense.

3) If you'll give me a home
I will never more roam
Any farther than Capitol Hill.
There's no GOP war
That I will not be for
And I'll privatize Yellowstone Park.
Hip, hip, hooray for Liz Cheney
From Meeteetse to Bill to Big Piney
We know she's no Dick,
But she'll be just as slick
As the older illustrious Cheney.

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