Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin has demonstrated her stupidity and ignorance, so many times that it is hard to list all of them. My favorites include her rendition of the Paul Revere's ride, the suggestion that we should build dikes to contain the Gulf Oil Spill, reference to our North Korean allies, thinking that Africa was a country rather than a continent, and the statement that she was totally vindicated in the Troopergate matter. Her lack of commitment to public service was demonstrated when she quit her job as Governor. Her failure as a mother was exemplified during Sarah Palin's Alaska as Trig looked out the window of their home with a forlorn look on his face as he waived goodbye and his family departed by plane for an adventure. Trig, the down's syndrome child would have to stay at home with the sitter. Her vindictiveness was highlighted when she attacked Michelle Obama for encouraging kids to eat healthy foods. Her unwillingness to educate herself was illustrated in the speech she gave to CSU in which she asserted that Ronald Reagan had gone to college in California. Her inability to show compassion was demonstrated by her testimony in the David Kernell case. Her willingness to use people for her own political purposes was demonstrated at the RNC of 2008 as she paraded Trig like a prop or trophy before the cheering crowd, and her appearance at the WWII memorial. However until today I have never described her as a "heartless, callous, insensitive, uncaring witch."

Until today, Palin's vindictiveness and anger were directed at persons who publicly rebuked her or her family. Until now the target of her anger and callousness were people who had publicly opposed, or criticized her, or members of her family.

The Half-Term, Ex-Governor, wife of the Pimp, has sunk to an all time low. Her true character for being heartless, callous, insensitive, and uncaring has been reduced to writing. She can't claim she didn't really mean what she wrote, or that it was taken out of context.

Here are the facts:
1. On October 7, 2013 a female blogger by the name of Karmel Allison posted an article on her blog "What Obamacare Feels Like to a Diabetic." The blog of Ms. Allison is not political in nature. It's title reflects its focus which is living with Type I Diabetes. The title of Ms. Allison's blog is "Where is My Robot Pancreas?" Karmel Allison has used her blog "Where is My Robot Pancreas?" to highlight her experiences living with diabetes. The focus of her post on the 7th was to bring attention to the incredible relief the Affordable Care Act brought to her because she was unable to make any life choices that would compromise the health insurance she had BEFORE being diagnosed with diabetes.

2. President Obama became aware of Ms. Allison's post and invited her to attend his speech about nationalized health care. That speech was given on October 21, 2013. Here is a video clip of the speech. During the speech Ms. Allison almost fainted. President Obama was just one of the people who lent his hand.

3. There was a suggesting by some "common sense" conservatives that the fainting spell of Ms. Allison was staged. In an effort to put those rumors to rest, Ms. Allison appeared the very next day, on Oct. 22nd on Piers Morgan tonight. It was during that interview Ms. Allison explained that the fainting was not planned, and purely the result of her pregnancy and her diabetic condition.

4. Two days after the CNN interview, and three days after the event, Sarah Palin felt it important to comment on the fact that this woman almost fainted. Sarah Palin said in a Facebook post:

"Whether accurate or not, for some reason I found this hilarious!"

What a HATEFUL WITCH! Sarah Palin finds it hilarious that a pregnant woman with diabetes almost passed out! Ms. Allison has never attacked Sarah Palin or her family. For Sarah Palin to assume that the event was not staged, and still found it "hilarious," is unforgivable!

There are 25.8 million children and adults in the United States who suffer from diabetes. That translates into 8.3% of the total population. In 2010 alone there were 1.9 million cases of diabetes diagnosed in people aged 20 years and older.

Diabetic people who aren't pregnant can develop low blood sugar, and can pass out. Low blood sugar can be very serious, and even fatal if not treated quickly. A pregnant woman with uncontrolled diabetes has a higher chance of miscarriage or stillbirth.
Thus the fact that a diabetic pregnant woman almost fainted due to low blood sugar is always a serious concern, for the life of the mother and the unborn infant. For Sarah Palin to find this medical emergency "hilarious" is unforgivable. To then post her comments on Facebook about how hilarious the event was, even if it was real, is proof that Sarah Palin is a heartless, callous, insensitive, uncaring witch. She is, and will always remain, a loser!

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