Thursday, October 10, 2013

Science Fair Nightmare!

Published on Oct 9, 2013
How do you turn climate change deniers into an environmental champions? Get their kids on the case. Watch this video to see how it works!

Then tell your members of Congress: it's time to act on climate change. #ScienceSaysSo

More than 100 Members of Congress deny the basic science of climate change, which is embraced by 97% of climate scientists. For these deniers, a school science fair is their worst nightmare. Young people overwhelmingly share scientists' grave concerns about climate change and its affect on the world and their lives.

"Science Fair Nightmare" was created by League of Conservation Voters, in partnership with Organizing for America and SHFT.

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Production Credits:

Writer/Director: Andy Cobb
Produced by: Mik Moore, Moore & Associates

"Science Fair"
Congressman: Pete Gardner
Daughter: Madelynn Rhae
Boy 1: Juliocesar Chavez
Boy 2: Mateo Simon
Girl 1: Jasmin Currey
Girl 2: Leaire George
Judge 1: Benjamin Marcus
Judge 2: Mary Allwright
Gym Teacher: Carl Tart
Security: Chris Garnant
Scientist 1: Dr. Josh Willis
Scientist 2: Steve Kaminski
Scientist 3: Maribeth Monroe
Produced by Mark Kienlen and Particle Productions
Director Of Photography: Matt Bass
Casting: Mockrin/Walters
Editor: Meghan O'Brien
Production Manager: Alex Conner
Musical score: Alex Burke and Micha Lieberman

"Adrian Grenier Narration"
Starring Adrian Grenier and Dr. Josh Willis
Produced by Monica Hampton and SHFT
Director Of Photography: Daniel Marracino
Assistant Director: John Tyson

Special Thanks to James Taylor for use of "Your Smiling Face."

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Madelynn Rhae said...

amazing video loved it and so does everyone else thank you for letting me be apart of it.
-Madelynn Rhae