Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wyoming Winter Storm- "ATLAS" October 4, 2013

The 1st Big Winter Storm, which hit southern Montana, most of Wyoming, and then the Black Hills and Rapid City of South Dakota. Because the temps were still high, as it's only October, with them around 30°F here in Sheridan, it was a heavy wet snow, which caused lots of issues because most of the leafed-trees still had all their leaves. Broken limbs and branches cause many power outages here in Sheridan, and around the storm area. Beacuse we live in a valley, and the inversion, we didn't get as much snow as say Rapid City, with 24 inches+ or Lead and Deadwood S.D. that were in the 48 inch range. We get out Fox and CBS Major Network TV from Rapid City, like KOTA-TV and KEVN, and there were issues with then during and after the storm for a few days.

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