Wednesday, January 14, 2009

As per Ms. Dana Perino's statement...

It is not the "policy" of this administration to torture people. Policy, policy, POLICY!!! It's against the law, both our Constitution and the Geneva Convention. I'm not an angel, and I have made mistakes in my life, for which I am responsible and accountable, and have paid a price for my illegal behavior. But not these folks, and Ms. "Stepford" Perino, and her ignorant and outright stupid comments over the years. Are her morals and ethics so damaged that she doesn't have a fucking clue what she is promoting? And delaying the truth is just another form of denial for these dirt bags.

The sad thing is Dick Cheney is coming back to Wyoming after his tour of duty, and for some that sucks, as I live in a beautiful state, with some really great people. Now, there are those who idolize him like he is some deity, or God, and are totally blind to his alleged war crimes. But I think there is enough evidence available to convict the bastard, and let that smirking S.O.B. rot in prison the rest of his natural born life. I hope the World Court at the Hague indicts him and his friends for their high crimes and misdemeanors. His worshipers here in Wyoming are some of the same koolaid drinking knuckleheads who still believe Obama is a Muslim, or that Saddam had something to do with the WTC. And I bet some of them same middle aged men sat at home and fantasized about screwing Sarah Palin. And all she was for the Republicans was a marketing tool, because sex, and sexuality is used to great effect in marketing, and it sells. Sex sells as they say. Look how well she did with the ignorant and un and under-educated.

Now, back to the torture issue. You see, the guy who is suppose to bring these kangaroo court cases forward in this hokey tribunal system said they are not going to bring this one guy's case forward because he was, was, was TORTURED! I tell you these people are extremely fucked up, as there should be consequences for this illegal behavior. The #1 question on for Obama is about torture and accountability, questions he said he would answer. My guess is that he is waiting till the 21st, so Bush Co. can't start throwing out pre-indictment pardons to protect his deviant and sick co-horts. I mean, I have never seen such spin in my life regarding this issue. US laws say water-boarding is torture, and we have prosecuted folks for it. Now it is in some existential 7th dimension. Mukasey, our AG who followed Alberto de Turdo, he couldn't even answer one simple question, Is water-boarding torture? He went into this big dissertation and double-talk about bullshit, and the little spineless lackeys in the Senate gave him a pass. A pass? I couldn't believe it. I almost shit in my draws when I heard that. I just shake my head sometimes when I hear some of this bizarro news. Einstein said insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results. Obama better do something about this, and not out of revenge, although that might feel good for a little while, but because of the oath he will be taking, that being, To preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the US, the same one Dubya and Dick took, but to them it was just a ceremonial thing, and the Constitution is just a piece of paper. Obviously they were sleeping in Pol Sci - 101 because they didn't learn a damn thing. They are a bunch of narcissistic, self-centered, greedy, ego-maniacal bastards, and as you can tell, I do not like them at all. The bottom line for these folks is money and greed. like they say, just follow the money!

Term limits, sunshine laws, enfranchisement of felons and the education for all voters/Americans are some of my Christmas wishes, along with the standard Peace on Earth, which I do strongly believe in! Amen Brother!

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beardog321 said...

Check out this link about Mukasey during his confirmation hearing, and how he wouldn't be confirmed if he didn't answer the torture question. What a joke.