Friday, January 9, 2009

Job Coach on CNN and her infinite...

WISDOM! Not! The young lady, a career coach, with lots of career experience, only kidding, gave advice to someone who e-mailed in a question to Kyra Phillips, the anchor. The question dealt with how convicted felons can get a job, because a lot of employers shy away from these bad, bad people.

Well, speaking from my own experiences, because in my younger years and being bi-polar and an active alcoholic, I did some spontaneous and impulsive things that got me into trouble with the law. But after some rehab, and cleaning myself up, I got some decent jobs, with the employer knowing of my legal situations. Even my last job I had, as a manager of a KFC restaurant, first in Wyoming, (Actually, it was the best franchise of a fast food restaurant I ever worked for, as they actually took care of their employees, not just the management. It was also the most intensive and thorough interview process I ever went through. I was interviewed 3 times, and even took their own psychological test. But the pay off was big, and I was a convicted felon.) then in Sarasota, Florida I was still on probation. And in Florida I even hired an ex-con who spent 15 years in prison, (He was the 1/2 brother of my evening cook, and I had promised Alex when I had a spot for his brother Charles I would sit down and have and interview with him. I hired him, and he was the best employee I ever had. Ever!) and his P.O. would call every few weeks to ask how Charles was doing. I told him the truth, Charles was an excellent employee, and as time went along, I gave him more and more responsibility, and right before I left promoted him to shift manager. I was even training him the way I was trained in Wyoming, which was by a professional management trainer. But I was taking baby steps, because Charles' education level was not that high, but he had common sense, and a great work ethic. After I left to go into the hospital, I heard they rushed Charles into management when he wasn't truly ready, and I heard he didn't do that well. That was so sad to hear.

Now, back to this career coach. Her advice for this ex-con who just got out of the big house was to start his own business, that way he would be sure to be hired. I said holy crap, he just got out of jail or prison, and they really don't have jobs there where you can save a lot of money, so how do you start a business without money? She suggested going to the Small Business Administration, or SBA, and some other website to find free consulting help. I'm thinking to myself, I would have given different advice, but what do I know that this 20-something career coach knows from her book learning. I would say, just go out and tell the truth, as there are employers who will hire you. Dress nice for the interview, or even when you pick up and return the application, because first impressions matter. And be your best advocate. Yes, I know a lot of ex-cons do set up businesses once they get out of jail, but many of those are illegal. Recidivism is what then happens. But this young lady, Maggie Mistal was the pro, so she must know the answers, although I do disagree.

Well, Florida won the "BIG" Game last night, and are #1, or so they say. I heard that Utah's Attorney General is suing the BCS Board, or Committee for anti-trust violations because the University of Utah, who went undefeated at 12-0, and played Alabama, who was ranked #1 in the nation for many weeks this season, but lost to Florida in the SEC Championship Game. The thing to remember here is that there is a lot of money involved depending on what Bowl Game a team plays in. And, there seems to be a certain amount of discrimination toward any team not in one of the so-called major, or important conferences. So, if you are not from the SEC, ACC, Big East, Big 10, Big 12, or Pac 10 then your chances are slim to none for getting into the big games, or championship game, even if you went undefeated, and beat some of these major league, or elite football schools. Even the announcers, like Barry Switzer, show their prejudice on TV. He said before the Utah vs Alabama game that no player from Utah would even be considered for a football scholarship at Alabama. And he stood by his comment even after Utah kicked Alabama's' ass, 31-17. It wasn't even close. What an ignorant and prejudice little man.

I hope something comes of this, like maybe a playoff type system like in Div-1, Div-2, and Div-3. But the bottom line is that it is all about the money, and big fucking egos! So, I don't expect any change, and Utah will probably loss in the courts because of, you guessed it, money, political connections and politics as usual, and ego monsters! The NFL Divisional playoffs are this weekend, and we will see how my NY Football GIANTS do against them dirty bird Philadelphia Eagles. I hope they win, and I hope Eli decides not to smoke a joint before the game, but if he has those "deer in the headlights" look, we will know what he did?

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