Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Why Northwest Airlines sucks!... (Part IV)

Now, Back to the 1st human I was able to talk to about my luggage. She did indeed say it was checked in that morning, Sunday, 12-21-08. She also said it did not come in on flight 184 like we were told the night before, but on an early flight into LaGuardia that morning. I asked her why it was not changed on the website, or on the audio version as received, and she couldn't answer that. I asked if it went out to be delivered, and she couldn't answer that either, but she did blow me off and said that they are making deliveries throughout the day, and evening, and I should have it by 11pm that night. Now, we were about an hour to 1 and 1/2 hours away from LaGuardia, depending on traffic and road conditions.

I also remember, that the previous night, when I filed the initial missing luggage claim, the NWA employee asked if it was OK for them to drop off the luggage if no one was home, and I said, yes, although we have all sorts of family members visiting for Christmas, like me with no luggage, so someone should be home.

I continued to try and track my luggage through NWA website, but nothing ever changed, even the fact that they received the luggage. So, who do I believe that they actually have the luggage? The lady I spoke too, or the website/computer generated phone links? No one! They all lie, except for Wendy. Their Luggage Status Information Line is 1-800-745-9798, and you get that damned automated crap. Even when I used my special file reference number, LGANW92994, it really didn't help. One thing though, which my mom mentioned while I was phoning again later that Sunday evening, and trying to figure out how I got that first "Live Human" when I called, mom said, after they give you the automated spiel, hit "0", and maybe that might get you to Customer Service. Oh my gosh, it worked. So, again I talked to a human, and I got the same response, it's like they are programmed, or their training manual teaches them how to bullshit and lie to you!

It was kind of imperative that I get my luggage, as I was only spending 8 days in NY! So Day One is shot, no luggage, wasn't delivered by 11pm, or anytime on Sunday, so the bastards just lied and lied and lied!!! Everything is pending, like the status of my luggage. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, the answer was there are no supervisors here. How can that be? Someone has to direct this dysfunctional operation and corporation. When I asked for their employee ID number, they said they could not give it to me. What kind of horseshit is that? And the funny thing is, part of their message when I called, it mentioned Northwest Airlines commitment to customer service. They really have one warped sense of humor. And, a special note here, I did not cuss or swear, or say or do anything inappropriate during my phone calls on Day 1. I just sat there and listened to their bullshit, and boy, these folks are good at it. Also, up to this point, I was unable to get them to give me the land line phone number for NWA Baggage Services at LaGuardia, as they said they couldn't give out that number. Is that amazing or what? No phone numbers, no employee ID number's, nothing that was of any importance. While I was waiting on line at NWA Baggage Services the night of the 20th, their phone was ringing off the hook. Ummm, sounds like another lie to me. I would be done by now if I wasn't so easily distracted. I look at my e-mail, and then one thing leads to another, then another, and before I know it, it is 3, 4 or 5 hours later. Wow, am I messed up or what? I will finish this in the next post, I promise, but there is another Bowl Game coming on soon, so sorry about that. Bye...

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