Thursday, January 8, 2009

I get a kick from champagne...

or is that two large 16oz. black coffees in the morning. My psychiatrist would be pissed if he heard me say that. I like him as my shrink, but he is anti-caffeine. He makes sense with his argument, particularly when I am bi-polar. But, as usual, I don't listen to what he has to say some of the time. I do know that he gets a kick out of me, because every year he goes back to Mass. General for CME courses, and last year I came in with my certificates for .5 credits for CME courses I took online at e-medicine. My courses were all related to brain tumors, go figure, and I asked him how many credits he got for his 2 weeks of courses, and he told me 54 or 56, or something like that. Then I told him that at the rate I am going, it will about 100 years before I have enough credits to become a shrink. He just cracked up. But, seriously, he and his treatment team have helped me more in the last 5 1/2 years, then all the mental health help I received in the previous 23 years. I am sure my attitude helped to, but it was the first time that anyone actually looked at my personal history, rather then just look at the moment to make a diagnosis. And now for the rest of the story...

Just read some interesting stuff about Tom Geoghegan, a labor and civil rights lawyer from Illinois. He is running for Congress in the special election to fill Rahm Emmanuel vacancy in Illinois 5th District. The op-ed was about the 17th Amendment and was in the New York Times on 1-6-09.
Here is the link:

He has written quite a few books, none of which I have read. But my acquaintance David Sirota is a friend of his, and highly recommends him. So, I have started to read whatever I can find online, which is a lot, as he has been doing this labor and civil rights stuff for a few decades. I am impressed. As I watch these talking heads and sockpuppets on the boob tube, they truly crack me up, and are totally clueless about the real world, especially Wolfie Blitzer.

Arlen Specter is raising Cain about Holder, Obama's nominee for AG, and questioning his character. This is amazing coming from a man did little to rid us of Alberto the Turdo Gonzalez. It is amazing the double standard these damn hypocrites have, and if you want to talk about character or morals, where the hell have you been the last 8 years, ARLEN? Politics as usual. I think we should have that revolution Thomas Jefferson talked about having every generation. We need to rid ourselves of these two-faced faux royalty, and send them off to some retirement facility, and let them live on Social Security, and Medicare, and not their damn pensions and benefits. Political whores they are!

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